Here’s a surprise for you. I just wrote a new e-book called The 7 Pillars of Authentic Charisma. It comes as a bonus with Authentic Attraction and Sexual Magnetism. It is free to redistribute and even resell.

I wrote this e-book in a single inspired day.

It will open the doors to…
– Tapping into the unlimited potential of your subconscious mind
– Having people feel that you are real and refreshing
– Feeling a profound unshakable peace
– Having great guidance from your emotions
– Drawing people to you like a magnet by the way you feel
– Feeling inspiration to accomplish anything
– Reading people?s intentions
– Removing chronic problems from your life
– Having a great value within yourself that is worth more than looks and social status
– Living a reality of sex and intimacy instead of just fantasizing about it
– Having quality sex and intimacy
– Seeing great value in people that others may overlook
– Having more love, sex and intimacy than you can handle
– Living abundantly without having to work for it
– Giving value and receiving abundance back
– Living out of the endless rat race of society
– Achieving big goals
– Joining the knowledge and experience of others to your own
– Creating a reality of abundance for yourself and for others
– Surrounding yourself with great people
– Fully enjoying and living the present moment
– Connecting with people around you
– Having passionate and intimate relationships
– Accomplishing impossible goals
– Having an unshakable self-confidence
– Fully expressing your own truth
– Empowering other people
– Being a leader

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