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Attraction Mastery Club Released!

Here’s some great news. Attraction Mastery Club is finally released and you can try it for 1$! This is for you if you have improved yourself considerably with women yet aren’t satisfied with the women you attract. Here’s how it works. You listen to it. You take the time to digest all the information, to […]

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Free video: How to Release Fears, Approach Anxiety, Fear of Women, Fear of Rejection

Here’s a great way to improve your authentic charisma: release your fears. Your pure authentic self is covered by all kind of fears, but the pure shining diamond is there behind them. It’s easy to say. It’s easy to release when you know how. It’s just that most people don’t allow the possibility because they […]

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Free video: Give Love First, Get Love Second

Here’s the second best way to improve your sexual attractiveness: give to people instead of trying to take from them. Most of these videos were designed for men but most of it also applies for women. Instead of trying to get a girl or trying to get new friends, try to give good vibes, connect […]

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Tao ? The Mysterious Power

The way is empty, yet use will not drain it. Deep, it is like the ancestor of the myriad creatures. Blunt the sharpness; Untangle the knots; Soften the glare; Let your wheels move only along old ruts. Darkly visible, it only seems as if it were there. I know not whose son it is. It […]

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