Here’s a great way to improve your authentic charisma: release your fears. Your pure authentic self is covered by all kind of fears, but the pure shining diamond is there behind them. It’s easy to say. It’s easy to release when you know how. It’s just that most people don’t allow the possibility because they think the solution has to be hard.


If you are anxious talking to a woman, if you have fear of rejection or if you have difficulty expressing yourself, don?t resist it. What you resist persists. You can release fears in three steps. First become aware of your fears as awareness is curative. This changes your fear from subconscious reflex to conscious reaction. Second, your resistance towards a fear holds it in place. Allow yourself to fully feel the fear and it will start to transform. Third, consciously decide to let go of the fear. This may sound too simple but it is very effective. I come back to this technique to release fears in my products so if it doesn?t make sense now, it will click later.

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