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Sedona Method vs Manifestation vs ROS

Here are some questions from a subscriber about my new book Result-Oriented Siprituality. ——————– 1- Does this book follow the same general idea of methods like Sedona, EFT, etc – clearing negative beliefs and then visualizing the outcome we want, or is there more? 2- What’s the difference between this book and the many other […]

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Nassim Haramein on Unified Field Theory

Here’s more important fundamental changes happening right now. Nassim Haramein’s paper on the The Schwartzschild Proton has just been approved and published in the American Institute of Physics magazine a few days ago! This means his radically different physics theories are now entering mainstream science. This marks the end of Quantum Physics and Classical Physics. […]

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How to break the laws of physics

Most people consider science to be the absolute truth? that changes every five years. I will show you how this way of thinking is flawed and how it has distorted all of our lives. First, let?s look at quantum physics. It was invented because the observations of atoms didn?t match physics laws, and they don?t […]

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