Here are some questions from a subscriber about my new book Result-Oriented Siprituality.
1- Does this book follow the same general idea of methods like Sedona, EFT, etc – clearing negative beliefs and then visualizing the outcome we want, or is there more?

2- What’s the difference between this book and the many other books about manifesting our desires? Not trying to criticize, I’d just like to know is there anything really new, different, and more powerful in your book?

Sedona Method and EFT are emotional release techniques. With these methods, the question remains what to release and why. You can release endlessly without achieving anything concrete if you don’t know what you’re doing. Simply releasing your blockages will just make you feel better about the same lack of concrete results. It takes a broader vision of spirituality that considers that all aspects of your life are inter-connected. If your objective is to improve your dating life, healing your self-confidence and possibly a back pain may help you reach that objective. However, you don’t need to heal everything. You can for example have issues with your vision and clarity of direction in life, yet working on it won’t help on your objective of improving your dating life. These methods have to be put in a broader perspective in order to be oriented towards your concrete objectives. There are various other emotional release techniques and some ways of doing it that aren’t techniques. Result-Oriented Spirituality isn’t a technique. It is a more fundamental principle. It is a way of using all the techniques you know, all the techniques you can learn and all the techniques not yet discovered.

There are many books and products about manifestation which usually involves visualizing an outcome and attracting it via the laws of attraction. The laws of attraction are only one of the many principles of energies, and if you read Sexual Magnetism you may have realized that I don’t work much with the laws of attraction. Animal magnetism is a more passive, persistent and unpredictable form of attraction, and it is only one of the other principles of energies. The problem with simply visualizing an outcome is that it takes the responsibility off of you to do what needs to be done. You are basically saying “the Universe should give me what I want, and maybe I’ll do something to get it, but I’ll remain exactly who I am inside”. Do you think Obama would have become the president of the United States if he simply visualized it everyday? Do you think Einstein would have become the greatest genius of history simply by visualizing it and releasing his blockages? Such goals require a lifetime of continuous self-actualization and questioning. They require much more than learning what any technique can give you. It involves a much greater involvement from yourself and a much broader look at your entire life. Your objectives also have to be put into a broader perspective.

I’m looking at all the products on the market and what people are familiar with. The market has evolved a LOT in the last years. People talk a lot about creation yet almost nobody talks about co-creation. People talk a lot about remote viewing yet almost nobody talks about remote healing. People talk a lot about Reiki yet almost nobody talks about Alchemy. I can guarantee the products on the market will considerably evolve in the next few years. The goal of Result-Oriented Spirituality isn’t to teach all these advanced concepts (which would possibly require years of study) but to set you on a road to find all what you need right now.

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