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Updates and Corrections

Here are a few updates. First, I updated the automatic emails with the new series of videos so you will receive the 16 videos if you are on the mailing list. You will receive a short video every 5 days. If you already saw some of the videos, you can ignore the emails, but you […]

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Keisha Crowther on 2012 Energy Shift

There’s all kind of fears and anxieties around everything happening around the world right now. Some people are so caught up in their daily lives to even notice what is happening. Many people are struggling to keep up with all the social, economical, ecological and energy changes. Many people, including many women you are trying […]

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Energy Shift for 2012?

Last year I wrote a post asking people whether they experienced challenges in their lives. Turns out the entire year was a huge challenge for LOTS of people both locally and globally, including a volcano in Iceland, many countries on the border of bankruptcy, the worst ecological disaster in the history of USA, Earthquakes that […]

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The Real News, for independent and objective news

I personally don’t watch television since a long time. I have been working for years to detach myself from pre-conceived ideas coming from medias. However, to be aware of what’s going on around the world, I highly recommend The Real News. It is an independent and objective Internet news network that have the freedom to […]

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What is happening right now for 2012?

You?ve probably heard all kind of rumors about 2012. The real question is not what will happen, but what is happening right now in preparation for it. First of all, some people talk about the end of the world but that?s non-sense. It?s not the end of the world at all, but it may be […]

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