Last year I wrote a post asking people whether they experienced challenges in their lives. Turns out the entire year was a huge challenge for LOTS of people both locally and globally, including a volcano in Iceland, many countries on the border of bankruptcy, the worst ecological disaster in the history of USA, Earthquakes that devastates entire countries, flood that made millions of people homeless and more. Looks like it wasn’t just me. I heard that by January this should calm down.

Now, are you guys feeling lazy these days? Because personally I’m really quiet but I feel things are moving a lot internally. Most people I know are also very veerrrryy quiet. If it’s the case for you, don’t worry, you’re not alone and it will pass.

Some very?knowledgeable?people I know brought me explanations through astrology, which really isn’t my expertise. They say the positions of the planets affect the energy of the Earth. According to them, since end of August, there are about 5 planets aligned in retrograde position, which is a very rare phenomenon and which may make you feel like things aren’t moving forward (or even retrograde). Pluto recently left the alignment but Venus just entered the alignment. This may go on until beginning of October. I’m not saying this is the truth. Some people say they are very quiet because it’s getting colder. I would like to hear from you guys, especially those who live in places that are still warm and people who know about astrology.

2 days ago in particular (Sept 20th), I was totally crushed and slept 11 hours. I felt an intense ray of energy passing through me. I spoke with several people and they all had important things unblocking that same day as well. There seems to be a synchronization between what happens to me and what happens to others. One thing for sure, there are lots of things moving on a planetary level.

So guys, post your experiences, I want to hear from you.

2012 is the shifts we are going through right now. It isn’t the end of the world. 2012 is simply the end of fearing a specified date!

I talked more about this shift before in this article

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