There’s all kind of fears and anxieties around everything happening around the world right now. Some people are so caught up in their daily lives to even notice what is happening. Many people are struggling to keep up with all the social, economical, ecological and energy changes. Many people, including many women you are trying to date, have dating low in their priorities with all this.

Here’s a very inspiring message from Keisha, the “Little Grandmother”. She recorded this in Zurick 3 weeks ago.

Einstein said: We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Keisha is saying: There is nothing you need to do but to shift from mind consciousness to heart consciousness.

I also see energies and everything she says rings 100% true to me. When it authentically comes from the heart, there is some deep truth to it.

Some people noticed that even being nearly enlightened is not enough to be intimate with many Western women who are stuck in their heads. It may be enough to get laid with some of them and even have committed relationships if you wish, but rarely to have intimacy. With all the changes happening so fast, it may even seem to make things worse for the reasons listed above. Wouldn’t it be a huge weight off your shoulders to make the personal shift to heart consciousness and to look for people who made the internal shift as well? Doing anything else would be like swimming against the currents.

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