I just arrived back from CEO Space in Las Vegas where I received education from some of the world best trainers and networked with over 800 business owners. I got tremendous value through the week. I’ll soon have a video channel on Facebook TV which is a company that is growing exponentially. Someone is also interested in giving me speaking engagements internationally. Besides all that, there is something that blew me away. I haven’t been to CEO Space since a year and it has evolved considerably in such a short time.

When I went there last year, training was terrific but there was only one person with who I really resonated in terms of authenticity, spirituality and self-integrity. Maybe there was one or two other mentors who touched these topics but that was it. Now, that person with who I graduated back then, Dr. David Gruder, has become an instructor and is now teaching about integrity. He’s also coaching the founder of CEO Space to raise the bar of integrity and he has reviewed the entire organization to raise the bar of integrity. Now, just a year later, all the classes are centered around authenticity, integrity and spirituality. Also, a year ago, when I spoke about energy healing, most people had no clue what I was talking about. Now, everybody has heard about it and is curious about it. There are also many people who know how to do some healing.

I have just seen the Hundredth Monkey Effect and it is mind-blowing. If you haven’t heard of that phenomenon yet, it states that once a critical mass of people learn about a new idea, it spreads to the rest of the population very quickly. I knew about that phenomenon and knew it should happen with spirituality and energy healing, but when it delays and then happens that quickly, it blows me away.

The Hundredth Monkey Effect has happened in a business training organization with over 800 business owners. It hasn’t happened yet with mainstream society, but this will happen very soon. Even though you’ll expect it, it may be surprising the speed at which it may happen.

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