I have known many spiritual coaches, seduction coaches and people doing that kind of work and dated a few of them. There is one thing I noticed to my big surprise. Although spiritual coaches teach unconditional love, there is usually a sense of competition and rivalry with other coaches. Here are a few traps professionals often fall into.

1. Holding onto one spiritual system as being the answer to everything. Each coach has a preferred healing system they use and that’s normal. The problem is when they pretend it is everything there is. Although this is often required in order to market their services, this closes them to learn anything that doesn’t fit their vision. I had a Reiki Master training and thought I understood everything about energies. If I wasn’t open to try completely different things, I would never have learnt Alchemy which completely changed my life (beyond the changes I already had).

2. Putting everything and everybody else down in order to value themselves. Several spiritual coaches (not all) pretend they are the best thing around and put down every other method and coach. Sometimes they even put down everybody who doesn’t buy their system. This means it is difficult to have real constructive spiritual discussions with these coaches, besides learning their system, even if you are dating them. There was one such coach I dated who kept criticizing everything I was doing and teaching, yet she wanted to stay with me.

3. Rejecting any other approaches. Spiritual coaches have their own approach and many reject everything else. This considerably limits their learning by keeping them in a closed box. I often have great breakthroughs from places that others would pass by or even criticize. Nobody is perfect and I don’t expect anyone to be perfect. However, I also believe everybody can teach you something. In fact, some of the people with who I learnt the most were very low key and most people would ignore them.

4. Evaluating others on their own strenghts. Every coach has some specific strengths and these are the aspects they can more easily see in others. They will value others based on how they are doing on these specific strengths. Thus, when coach with strength A meets coach with strength B, he almost has disdain for that person for not having strength A while completely ignoring that person’s real strengths.

5. Developing a new ego. Although spiritual coaches often talk about letting go of the ego, they themselves often develop a strong ego that is associated with their method. Anything that contradicts or devalue their method is a threat to their own identity. Thus, they will strongly defend their spiritual views and avoid debating them, especially once they become famous for what they teach. Somehow, being right sometimes become more important than the truth.

6. Being hard to get. This applies especially to people teaching about seduction. There is this idea that being unavailable will make them more attractive to women. That idea is true except that the attractiveness doesn’t come from the unavailability but from the non-reactiveness. Thus, most seduction teachers will subconsciously adopt this unavailability as being their normal way of living life, even when they have nothing important to do. This brings unnecessary emotional disconnectedness.

These are behaviors I observed in many seduction coaches and spiritual professionals I have known. You might think it is really cool to meet all these people, but handling all the critics and subtle attacks isn’t very constructive and encouraging.

That being said, there are a lot of spiritual coaches out there and some of them are really great. Each have their strengths and weaknesses and these 6 aspects definitely don’t apply to everybody. However, I’d say most coaches tend to bend onto these problems to varying degree. By becoming consciously aware of these traps, you can make the decision to avoid them.

My personal view is that with the planet energy shift, the spiritual market is growing by 300% every year and there are not enough people teaching about this. By writing this article, my hope is that spiritual teachers stop this subtle competition against each other and start collaborating. Competitiveness is a virus deeply ingrained in our society, and that’s a whole other topic.

As far as my latest YouTube videos, Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work and Why Self-Development Brings Unsatisfying Results, despite the appearances, I’m not putting others down. The title was mostly to spark controversy, although to my big surprise most people agreed with me. There is a big difference between putting something down and pointing something’s flaws. The first is denial, the later is awareness. I highly respect and recommend the movie The Secret as it taught me so much; and I obviously don’t expect a 1-hour documentary to cover everything there is to know.

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