I have been struggling for years to figure out what’s special with the people I work with and how to connect with more of these people. My clients are a small minority of people spread across 20 countries. Now I just realized… my target market is the Millennial Generation. This explains everything.

The Millennials are people born starting from 1982. They grew up in a different society and grew up with a different way of thinking. They were also born with different colors in their aura. Their brain is wired differently. They think in a more fluid way. The previous generation is used to learn by reading books. The millennial generation grew up with technologies, menus and interactive information. The previous generation tends to read books from cover to cover. Millennials tend to open books directly to the section they want to learn about… if they read books at all. They tend to look much more on the internet. The previous generation value money and possessions. The millennials value experiences and relationships. Your parents’ generation look for security and stability. Millennials look for freedom. When millennials aren’t satisfied at works, they often walk away without giving a second thought. When your parents aren’t satisfied at work, they tend much more to resign to it and to play by the rules.

Your parents were used to spend their free time playing sports. They compete against another team and they play by the rules. Now, people grow up playing video games. There are no rules, and they take all the resources available to move on to the next level, and everybody can win. Growing up with video games where you are free to do and achieve anything develops your brain in a very distinct way. In video games, when there is something you don?t like or that is blocking you, you shoot it and move to the next level. In real life, you might not shoot that person but you?ll go around the problem in some way. Your parents learned that competition is the key to success. Millennials know that cooperation is the key to success and that everybody can win. Have you ever seen a guy in a bar with the attitude that he must pick up that hot girl before anyone else gets her? A millennial will help you meet her? and he?ll go with your sister. There are no rules and everybody can win. Someone of the previous generation may want to protect his sister. I?m a millennial and I believe she?s free to make her own decisions.

This means my clients are mostly millennials, which are currently between 18 and 28 years old. Many who are born between 1978 and 1988 are a transition between the two generation. Others are slowly starting to awaken, especially parents who have millennial children. When I say the spiritual market is growing by 300% per year, I’m not kidding. Each year, millennials take more and more space in society.

Many young millennials are being diagnosed with ADD, Attention Deficit Disorder. Maybe it?s just that their brain isn?t working in a linear way anymore and they have a hard time focusing on a blackboard to record data. Maybe those kids affected with Attention Deficit Disorder are not broken, but instead it is the system that is broken. Maybe their brains have evolved into a move efficient way of working by being more fluid and interactive. Maybe it is the centuries-old education system that has failed to adapt to this shift of consciousness. Maybe schools are dealing with kids whose minds don?t fit in the mold anymore, and instead of adapting the molds, they put them on drugs, which is a very destructive thing to do. Millennials tend to learn on their own through alternative sources such as by searching the Internet. You won?t learn anything of what I teach in schools and Universities, I discovered most of it by myself through experience and by learning from a few key forward-thinking people.

I am an indigo child. I just realized what this means. I am one of the first of the Millennial Generation.

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