Dharma Spirituality is the shameless expression of your heart’s deepest desires. It’s not about living a more spiritual life. It’s about living a more human life IN alignment with spirit.

Here are the 12 core principles of Dharma Spirituality.

1. You are perfect and unlimited at your core. That perfection is covered with mud. It?s not about developing awareness and abilities. It?s about uncovering what already is.

2. You have no spiritual, emotional, financial, health or relational problems in your life, none whatsoever. All you have are situations for which you are not conscious of the solution. Every problem or challenge has a solution that can resolve it right now.

3. Inner growth and transformation is the most important thing, as your thoughts, feelings and circumstances are a direct reflection of that. By letting your own light shine, you also give others permission to shine.

4. Skepticism is a good thing. Question everything, especially your own thoughts and opinions. Once you learn Dharma Spirituality, it becomes your own. Experiment with it and deepen your understanding in your own ways. Do not draw conclusions as it closes your mind to further questioning.

5. We are all connected through a spiritual plane that organizes creation through time and space. Intuition, desires, psychic perceptions and dreams are directly connected to that plane which is regulated by very specific laws.

6. Emotions are energies in motion. Thus, we communicate and interact with the world through our emotions via the spiritual plane.

7. For quantum growth, work only with universal laws and energy, beyond time and space. Universal energy is often called the Source, Universe or God. In the same way that light can be decomposed into the spectrum of a rainbow, source energy can be decomposed into a spectrum of pure energies including pure love, pure gratitude, pure forgiveness and pure inspiration. Connecting to a specific vibration in the spectrum allows a deeper spiritual connection than trying to connect to the whole spectrum all at once. That connection can transmute any negative energy into light energy through the law of resonance.

8. Your life purpose is a catalyst to amplify your transformation. Faith and understanding provide the engine while your purpose is the fuel that propels everything forward.

9. Money is a tool to extend service beyond physical reach. Money allows the circulation of value between individuals to enrich each other?s lives. If you don?t earn serious money, you are limited to playing a very small game and you can only help a few people you are in direct physical contact with. Dharma Spirituality is about earning more, living more and spending more. You then become a distribution center spreading wealth into the world.

10. A desire is a thought from the divine seeking manifestation through you. Desire comes from the latin ?de sidere? which means ?from the stars/divine?. Dharma Spirituality is about the shameless expression of all your desires, especially those hidden deep within your heart. Desires can also come from a dysfunctional place within you, in which case the dysfunctional part must be healed.

11. Femininity is about surrendering to a higher inner truth. It is aligning with your divine spirit, fully living in the present and flowing with life. Manifesting desires is the Yang half of it while receiving desires from the divine is the Yin half. If you focus only on manifesting the desires, then you are by definition out of alignment with the divine purpose of that desire.

12. Nothing is perfect and nothing will ever be. Thus, every single aspect of your life can always become better and it is important to accept imperfection for what it is. Change and imperfection are the only constants in life.

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