In the first part of this article, I covered how you must focus on the cause in order to experience the consequence of money, and how to make decisions from a different place to get different results. Now, let’s look into clarifying many of the beliefs that came up regarding whether the Universe is truly abundant and unlimited.

You could say I don’t fully believe in unlimited abundance from this perspective. My belief is that I will be provided everything I need at any given moment.

This is a universal law I have been studying and it seems to be always the case: if your consciousness level is just above survival level, you will always be provided what you really need when you need it. I have yet to find an exception. You can call it a divine protection of some sort. You can also manifest your wants, and there’s a completely different energy in manifesting your needs vs manifesting your wants. You simply haven’t experienced the latter.

If there is any reason not to believe it AND apply it on our lives, it probably is because we do not know how to navigate inside this Universe. I just need to learn the map so I can navigate myself.

GREAT answer! You need to learn the proper map to be able to make it happen. In order for the map to be of any use, you must also know exactly where you stand on the map, and where you want to go. Otherwise, the map is useless.

I just kept my ideas to myself thinking it was ‘too much’, ‘too complicated to action’, ‘Is not ready yet’ and a general lack of focus.

Indeed, navigating out of your comfort zone can be scary. Especially if you don’t have a map and don’t know where you are going, it can be very overwhelming and your subconscious mind will try to protect you for good reasons. However, when you have a proper map, proper guidance and proper support, it’s not that scary anymore. One of the main reasons people don’t manifest their wants is because they don’t fully admit to themselves that it is what they want, and they don’t give themselves permission to have it.

In the ‘map’ of money, I can navigate and make my money up to a certain quantity.

Since money is a consequence, this means you are only triggering the proper cause up to a certain point. Where are you slowing yourself down, and where are you stopping yourself? What can you do to trigger more of the cause?

What people have difficulty believing is that the Universe gives THEM a lot of abundance.

Right. Most people don’t feel like they deserve it. Plus, if they lived in abundance, others would get jealous and envious. It’s safer to live like everybody else and not be judged. But if you look at our planet, it’s the cutest most beautiful thing in the Universe! It doesn’t look like it was created on a budget to me.

If people believed that the Universe gave them full abundance, they wouldn’t pay you 20000 dollars for a session, because they wouldn’t need your session.

I believe neither in limitations nor in perfection. Living with abundance doesn’t mean nothing could be improved in your life. No matter what level you’re at, things can always get better. I’m the living proof of it, as things keep evolving at a crazy speed in my own life… from ‘great’ to ‘quite awesome’.

Also, if YOU believed the Universe gave you full abundance, and not your clients, you wouldn’t try finding ways to bring in more clients, or make them pay 20K for a session.

This doesn’t show an understanding of how wealth is manifested. I talked a lot about triggering the cause that will bring the consequence of money, but haven’t said what that cause is. Unless you win the lottery or find some money on the ground, money comes from the exchange of value between individuals. If you have a business, the cause is the transaction of sale, where the exchange of value happens. It cannot happen in any other way.

David Neagle summarized it in a very beautiful way in his Miracle of Money system when he talked about miracle-generating activities: “That is giving of the higher side of yourself. It’s taking the beauty of you, the unique expression of yourself, the beauty of your product or service and communicating it in a beautiful way to somebody else so they understand what the benefit is. You’re allowing that circulation of transaction to take place in your life. There you have your miracle.”

This comes down to what I said previously. In order to make money, all you need is to find people you can genuinely help, talk with them and enroll them into a higher vision of themselves. This circulation of value creates abundance in everybody’s life. Anything else is distracting you from the essence of manifesting money.

I have doubts that, after training with you I would get to that level.

I proved many times that the self-transformation work is extremely effective. As for the money part of it, I can share my own journey and breakthroughs, but this is not my system. I teach David Neagle’s system that is proven to work. Many of his clients are extremely successful and make in the millions per year; but they pay him $100000 to get coached to that level. His system is beyond anything I could do on my own. I leverage it and bring more clarity and focus for optimal transformation.

Also, “that” level is very vague. I can guarantee you will get to a higher level, and I can also guarantee you can always get to an even higher level. The level your reach is subjective and depends on how committed you are to making your desire a reality.

If breaking through financially is something you’re interested in, send me an email and let’s talk.

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