Some great stuff came up after the last article where I asked whether you truly believed the Universe was abundant and unlimited, because if that was the case, you wouldn’t hesitate to pay anyone $20000 to bring you towards your goals, because he couldn’t take anything away from your unlimited supply.

Hands down the most common excuse is simply “I don’t have the money right now”. I personally invested $16000 to be trained directly by David Neagle and I didn’t have the money. In fact, my credit cards were loaded and I had about just enough space to make the monthly payments for two months. I already have my needs covered and have more money sitting in my bank account than I had for a long time.

“Is David Neagle the ‘cartographer’ or money?” That’s a good way to put it.

Where most people get stuck is they say “when I’ll have X amount of money, I’ll do Y”. Money is not a cause, it is a consequence. Y is the cause, X is the consequence. You cannot experience the reality of money if you don’t trigger the cause that will make it happen. That is why walking around and saying “Money comes to me easily all day in every way” doesn’t work. It is not programming your mind to create the cause that allows you to experience the effect. After years, I do not know anybody who has changed their financial story that way. The cause is your actions and decisions. If you keep doing the same actions based on a reality of lack, you will keep experiencing the same consequence.

“But I really don’t have the money.” Let me ask you a question. If you were to lose your leg unless you paid $5000, I’m sure you would somehow find a way to get it. You could put it on a credit card, or call the bank to extend your credit card and put it there, or get a new credit card and put it there, or borrow it from a friend or family member, or make a loan, or exchange it for services, or work to earn it, or knock on the doors to do a fund-raising campaign. However, is your motivation and sense of urgency strong enough to do that? Some people told me they didn’t have the money because they had to finish paying their house or even buy hockey gear. That simply means your desire to experience the consequence of money is not strong enough, or that you are not committed to that desire. It just means your current reality is still too comfortable. Fortunately, there are now many people losing their jobs which forces them to take responsibility for their lives.

After speaking with many people, I realized this. Young adults have no money and no credit. Older adults have too much debts and responsibilities. Starting from 0 puts you ahead of many others. It’s not a bad place to start! If you’re in that place ahead of many others, you have a decision to make. Do you want to do like most people and gradually and passively accumulate debts and responsibilities? Or do you want to actively create your wealth and freedom?

After writing all this, I still haven’t got to address the beliefs that came out after the last article. I’ll cover those in a second part of this article.

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