Here?s some great news. Since I am now a David Neagle certified Miracle of Money coach, I will be hosting a live event in Montreal in 2 months or so. Although the details are not decided yet, it will be under a thousand dollars for a 3 days event of teaching David Neale?s proven Miracle of Money system combined with my self-transformation work.

If you are interested in attending that event, you might want to start saving the money now. After all, the Medellin event sold out 7 spots in 2 days. This event will have more spots available (30) but it will also be at a lower price and be easier to access (Montreal). Plus, many of you have money issues and really want to step up to something bigger in life. There are already several people interested in going before even announcing it. I don?t know how much time you will have before it sells out.

If you don?t know about David Neagle, he?s working with universal laws of life to help people make more in 30 days than they?ve done in the entire year. His system has been proven to work over and over again. Just search about him. However, the problem with workshops and especially information products is that people tend to just gather information and end up not putting it into practical use. It?s not because of lack of motivation or because the information isn?t good. People fall into ?information gathering? mode because there are all kinds of fears and issues holding them back.

For that reason, I will combine this live event with self-transformation work to integrate all of the knowledge on a deeper level and work on the main issues holding you back. If you watched the testimonials of the Medellin live event, you know that my self-transformation system is also proven to be extremely effective.

Combining both proven systems will be a very powerful experience to transform your lifestyle and financial situation in a profound way.

Keep an eye up for the updates soon.

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