I’m still digesting the recent breakthrough about Dharma Spirituality and its implications, but what difference does that make in your life? If you are reading this, I suppose you want more happiness, purpose and wealth in your life. You may have read various books about spirituality and self-development. Yet, you don’t see the results. At least not at the level you truly desire. You’re still struggling, hitting a plateau and banging your head against the wall (that hurts).

The first thing you have to realize is that modern spirituality (as well as ancient eastern spirituality) often teaches to transcend or suppress desires as they are the source of suffering. That is not actually true. Suffering comes from the attachment to those desires, not from the desires themselves. Since your life purpose comes as a burning desire, suppressing desires also means suppressing your life purpose. Spirituality acknowledges the importance of Dharma and living your purpose, but if you cut the desire part of it, you only connect to that purpose as intuition and inspiration. That’s not enough to propel you into action. Suppressing desires also means suppressing the human aspect of life as well as sexuality, which also takes away the drive to move forward. Thus, the ideal of transcending all desires lead to a passive state with intuition and inspiration leading to a purpose, but without desire or drive to move forward. That’s why few spiritual people ever put what they learn into action to actually help others.

The other thing I realized at the Self-Awakening and Transformation Event in Medellin is that while I am Rion had many aspects of our energy field extending all the way to the sky, to the moon, to the cosmos and even to the stars, most other participants had their energy field extending below 16 feet. The reason is that your energy field cannot evolve beyond that as long as you only seek to improve your own personal life. In order to evolve beyond that, you must step into your purpose and live your life at a higher level. You must have a strong reason and desire behind what you do, in order to keep moving forward when facing challenges and in order to make things happen no matter what.

Your life purpose and Dharma is not something you have to figure out logically, so don’t worry if you don’t know what it is. It is a flow of energy that guides you through life, through your intuition, desires, inspiration, guts and drive. Self-awakening brings you back in touch with your Dharma by clearing the channel. This purpose then serves as a catalyst to amplify your transformation. It just comes down to a decision as whether or not to step into that Dharma, or into that path that will lead you towards accomplishments and enlightenment. And if you’re reading this, the Self-Awakening and Transformation Live Event in Thailand may very well be meant to be part of your journey.

This clarification about Dharma Spirituality changes everything, and the content of the upcoming event will greatly be upgraded and restructured. It puts everything we’ve been doing from a different perspective and from a more solid foundation so that you can connect to your desires, connect to a greater cause and truly step into a path of achieving more and living more in your life. That core desire is the key that will allow you to manifest every other desire in your life, and possibilities are limitless. The schedule will remain the same, and with all the extra content about Dharma Spirituality that we will have to cover, I just don’t know whether or not we’ll have time to properly cover everything I originally planned teaching. I don’t know how fast you will progress and how fast we will be able to move forward in the content. We’re in uncharted territory here so we’ll see how it goes! We’ll keep a clear focus on what you truly want to accomplish.

You should understand that
– What we teach is a completely different school of thoughts and it doesn’t mix very well with what you learn from Contentment Spirituality and Personal Growth. The core differences change most of the laws and principles that normally apply to life, so there is a lot to unlearn. Don’t try to mix the approaches until you clearly understand the differences.
– We’re only looking for people who are serious about moving forward full-in. There’s no place for safety or laziness here. We want people who are fully engaged, fully vulnerable and who actively seek to resolve the issues holding them back.
– What I teach with Alchemy provides a tremendous amount of power, and with power comes responsibility. It’s important to have a purpose in order to channel all of that energy instead of accumulating it, and it’s important for you to want the greater good for yourself and for others. It’s possible to do bad things with Alchemy, but the higher your vibration becomes, the stronger becomes the karmic consequences of your intentions and actions.
– And finally, there is no turning back. My clients end up evolving like a snowball rolling down the hill, and the momentum keeps rolling weeks and months after the event. You must be willing to keep moving forward and adapt your life in consequence. The transformation is permanent so there’s no going back.

To know whether this event is part of your Dharma and personal journey, listen to your heart, your intuition and your desire. You will know.

As of right now, there are 3 spots available for men although I’m waiting for confirmation from 2-4 highly interested people. If this is a leap you really want to do, register right now and leave a refundable $100 deposit to have a conversation with me and to clarify what you truly want to accomplish.

As for women, there are also 3 spots available so if you really want to break out of your shell and step into your purpose and divine power, register right now at the link below.

The events information pages were not updated with all the extra breakthroughs about Dharma Spirituality, but all of that will be there. You’ll get much more than what is described in those pages.

If you are hesitating or feel this isn’t the right time… WHEN will be the right time? There may be stuff currently going on in your life, and there will ALWAYS be other stuff going on with your life. If now is not the right time, then it may very well never be. At some point you have to make the decision to make things happen. Better as well make that decision now.

If you’re hesitating because of money, realize this. You have no financial, emotional or relational problems in your life, none whatsoever. All you have are situations for which you are not conscious of the solution. If money appears to be an issue right now, how long do you want to live in that illusion? You’re better to jump fully in and seek to reach the consciousness that will resolve the situation.

Plus, we’re quickly approaching the peak of the 2012 energy wave which will further propel your awakening and evolution. You have the choice of resisting that wave of changes and feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, or of jumping full-in WITH the wave and flowing with it. Either way, your life is never going to be the same again.

Are you in?


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