Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project released a new documentary: Paradise or Oblivion. Here’s my review of the movie.

First of all, I have to say I have immense respect for Jacque Fresco. The critics I’m bringing here are not to devalue his work but to bring the discussion to a deeper level in order to bring the ideas closer to our lives and reality.

The critics he makes about the financial systems are true. What he doesn’t mention is that there are currently actions being taken to remove the group causing corruption from power. A lawsuit has been deposed against the G7 Central Banks, CEOs of banks are resigning in record numbers and a mass-arrest is being organized to arrest those involved in that high-level corruption. You can read about all the details here.

On the other side, he doesn’t make the distinction between the financial system and the energy of money. Money is energy and energy will always exist, no matter how it is expressed. It is what allowed society to evolve the way it has. Money is what allowed the internet to exist. Money is a tool to extend service beyond physical reach. Think for a second about what it requires to bring you a computer. It requires rare minerals and materials coming from several continents. It requires high-level technologies that have been developed in different countries. It requires a tight synchronization of people, resources and tools to gather the resources, bring them together and transport the product all the way to you. There is no way this could be achieved without people exchanging value in a transactional way. If people were trading resources or counting on everything to be there at the right time, this wouldn’t bring the reliability required to make it happen.

Another aspect is that he leaves spirituality totally out of the equation, which is a BIG omission considering the changes on the planet are due to an energy shift and the awakening of consciousness. He suggests building a technological system that will rationally manage the Earth’s resources, and the Earth already has its own intelligence that is not rational. The planet doesn’t need to be managed, it can manage itself. Trying to tell the planet what to do without understanding its higher motives might not work as expected.

And really my biggest concern is this. He promotes to take personal power and responsibility out of the people and into an external system. If nobody claims their personal power and takes the responsibility, how could this project ever see the light? The Zeitgeist Movement’s community forum had to be shut down because of this. Nobody took personal responsibility to be a leader. They couldn’t find a way to make their ideas happen. They grew angry. The anger became serious. The community had to be shut down because the most active members were planning terrorism actions as a last resort. You can find details about that incident by searching the internet.

Obviously the Zeitgeist Movement had no clue how to make these ideas happen, as Jacque Fresco even said on an interview. To make any idea happen, you need to claim your personal power and take responsibility to make it happen. Money is an energy that will always exist. You need a lot of resources to make any major idea or project happen, either through money or other means. You need to bring people, resources and tools together and synchronize them in a very specific way. The changes in the world will not come as a centralized technology or consciousness expanding into the world. The changes come from within each and every one of us, and it is our responsibility to do our part to bring our ideas into our physical reality.

To answer the question about whether a moneyless society could exist, it could only exist if a majority of people make the internal shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. The physical reality is a reflection of the internal reality. It cannot happen the other way around. Even if we lived in a world overflowing with abundance, we’d still have to address the issue of how people could expand their services beyond physical reach. If someone wanted to build a spaceship, it would still require a tight and reliable collaboration between a wide range of people. Actually, in a world of true physical abundance, whether or not money would exist would be an irrelevant question.

Many of you have unique gifts, talents and ideas that the world truly needs. It is your responsibility to awaken these talents and claim your power to bring these ideas out into the world.

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