The Zeitgeist Movement has just published their new movie Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. The Internet release was on Jan 25th and it has over 2 000 000 views in only 11 days. I was waiting to see the new movie before writing my thoughts about the movement. Here is my objective, uncensored review of this Zeitgeist movie, including the good and bad aspects.

Great aspects

1. It exposes the problems of the current economical and political systems with great clarity and precision. It provides a great understanding of the relational dynamics in our society.

2. It recognizes that it’s not just about changing the system. We first need to change as individuals as we are the ones holding the systems in place.

3. It reaches MASSES of people worldwide: over 2000000 people in less than 2 weeks. They are raising the awareness and consciousness of the global population.

I also have a few critics about the movement. I still support them for what they do best: increasing the awareness of the global population. However, it’s good to be aware of where their limits are. Most people aren’t ready for the following information anyway. The awareness provided by Zeitgeist is well enough for the mainstream population, but the leaders and shakers need to look deeper.

1. The aspect of emotional inter-connectedness is completely stripped away from their view of the world. Maybe this isn’t recognized by mainstream science, but in less than 30 seconds I can make a mass of energy that anybody can feel. This has huge implications that you can only understand when you start understanding the science of spirituality. Thus, the very foundation of their proposed solution if flawed.

2. They propose a totally mind consciousness based solution (left-brain), not a heart consciousness based solution (right-brain). We live in a very left-brain logical masculine society and the reason the systems are crashing is because the consciousness level of the planet is shifting and the right-brain intuitive feminine energy is raising. The nature of the shift happening right now is a transition from left-brained based society to a society that balances both aspects. The people involved in Zeitgeist are totally unaware of this, yet anyone who feels energy agrees with this. Keisha Crowther brings a very clear explanation of this shift to heart consciousness. I posted this video on the Zeitgeist forum but unfortunately it was immediately removed. Any information about heart consciousness or heart consciousness based technologies is systematically censored.
Keisha Crowther on Heart Consciousness

In terms of bringing changes to the world, the Zeitgeist movement is doing a great job in raising the awareness of the mainstream population. Keisha Crowther is doing a great job of raising the awareness of heart consciousness. CEO Space is doing a great job at helping leaders, shakers, innovators and entrepreneurs make concrete changes into the world. It’s good to know the boundaries of each and to take the best of everything.

You can view Zeitgeist: Moving Forward here

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