I have just released month 3 of Attraction Mastery Club. It contains a LOT of details to allow you to break through your barriers in life. It explains in great details what is karma, how it works, real life examples, how to heal it and how to protect against psychic attacks. This audio also tells about 3 great places to meet open-minded, spiritually-evolved and authentic people no matter in which country you live.

Here is the list of topics covered:
Different stages of progress
What you need to do to move forward from your stage
Results from Sexual Magnetism
Perfectionism as a form of procrastination
Fear of success
What is karma
How does karma work
The impact of consciousness on karma
Karma kick-backs
What is the energetic structure of karma
How to heal karmic relationships
How to cut recent karmic links
How to protect against psychic attacks
How to release fears with Alchemy
Burning positive emotions
Clarifying masculinity and femininity in interactions
What is an alpha male
How to consistently progress with Natural Grounding
One aspect of Natural Grounding that can make you stagnate
3 places to meet open-minded authentic people

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