I have been talking a lot about alchemical healing lately. I learned Alchemy from a Master Alchemist called Jacques Tombazian and what he does is powerful beyond what I ever thought possible. Although I already had a Reiki Master training, Jacques Tombazian brought me to a whole new level in terms of energy healing and personal power.

To give you an example of what he does, I used to be affected by the energy of people around me. I’d feel great at home, but whenever I went out in public, my energy would be affected by people’s stress and negativity. After a specific meditation with Jacques Tombazian, I wasn’t affected by external energies anymore! That made a HUGE difference for me. Some women who had babies have marks on the stomach. He regenerated the skin and removed the marks very easily. There was one guy who is blind since birth. At some point he kind of saw a shadow of my hand, he could tell where my hand was for a second. However, I don’t think he really wanted to recover his vision as being blind brings him benefits for what he wants to achieve in life. After a day of training with Jacques Tombazian, I would have expected to be drained and to need to rest for my energies to rebalance, but it turns out that I shifted immensely during the day and was in great shape in the evening! That was the first time I shifted without any kind of side effects or purging period. Actually, he taught in 3 week-ends an Alchemy training that is normally 3 years of study. The most powerful techniques and knowledge I now use and teach come from him, which I now teach in my own way to achieve specific goals.

I wrote the original version of Sexual Magnetism before learning about alchemical healing. I thought I understood everything in terms of energies, healing and self-transformations. I was already coaching people and had great shortcuts to bring quick changes into people’s lives. Some customers who had been doing self-development for a long time told me I was way beyond anything they had seen before. However, Jacques Tombazian had shortcuts over all of my shortcuts beyond my understanding! I didn’t understand anything anymore. To start with, I was an expert with the 7 main Chakras. He works with the 72 main chakras! At some point he asked me to take a look at his chakra 999. I connected to his energy field and raised to the chakras over his head. I visualized an elevator raising at full speed to chakra 10…20…50…100…200…300… all the way up to chakra 999. I felt an extremely intense light and couldn’t see anything. I visualized putting on sun-glasses and I saw some kind of landscape, but after a few seconds I was totally burning and overwhelmed by this energy so I went back down. It took me several hours to recover from it!

Actually you can try that experiment as he just released some videos on YouTube (which he probably hasn’t announced yet as the videos have no title, no description and no views!). If you want to try that experience I did with him, make sure you do it with moderation as the energy is extremely intense. This is mostly for people who have mind projection abilities.

Take a look at this video from Jacques Tombazian. Pay attention to the vibes you feel from him. He’s a very calm and passive person, but he has the best energy I have ever seen, WAY beyond anyone else I know! Even if you don’t know whether energies exist or not, you’ll probably feel his energy through the video.
YouTube Preview Image

If you want to see what it feels like to be toasted by energies (almost joking…), take the time to feel his energy through the video. Feel the 7th chakra on the top of his head. Feel the 8th chakra over it, then the 9th chakra. Go all the way up to chakra 50, 100, 500, until chakra 999. It’s quite a buzz. I just did it again (through the video) and I felt smoke coming out of my arms… hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight!

Now here’s where it gets interesting. Jacques Tombazian just launched Alchemy111, a series of products to heal your energy field and work on specific areas of your life. It is basically water sprays. There are minerals and essential oils in the water but the active ingredient is the alchemical healing work that is programmed within the water. He has a whole series of products such as Intent111 to create your experience, Bliss999 to experience divine joy, Elixir777 to regenerate the skin and Abundance888 to increase prosperity. I can say from personal experience that Intent111 instantly clears the mental noise when the head feels foggy! It allows to heal all kinds of emotional blockages and energy weaknesses, including portals and implants which cannot be healed through Reiki, EFT, Sedona Method and Natural Grounding. For those who have read Sexual Magnetism and detected the 4 main implants yet were unable to detach them, these products can greatly help. Spray it in your energy field or wherever you feel tension or pain, twice a day. This will give a huge boost to the self-transformation work you are hopefully already doing!

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