I got many great feedbacks about the new video Living From the Heart.

“Etienne, it brought tears to my eyes. I loved it. Watching it grounds me.” -Andrew

“Incredibly beautiful video. I got goose bumps and energy waves from to chest up to my head. Thank you very much, Etienne. ‘It never began for us, it will never end for us.’ How awesome this quote is!” -Vegano

“WOW! That video is truly wonderful! I love the way the video clips match with the song… and that little wiggle move Jenny does is my favourite. The part with Palmy and ‘it is what it is’ on the screen is so powerful… I am definitely using this as a grounding resource. Thanks Etienne” -Spaceman

“So powerful!” -Frogaps

“This is beautiful. It really touched me.” -Seek

You can view the video here
Living from the heart, the secret of “natural game”

I also got a comment from a subscriber which deserves an answer

“Hi Etienne, thanks for the video clip… I did feel its female heart vibe somewhat, but this was quite quickly overshadowed by what I see as an over-emphasis that women have on romantic love, attachment etc. I am not talking from any personal experience, but it’s quite evident in songs like this and all over our media and culture that women seek fulfillment in love relationships. This is a fundamental spiritual error, as nothing external to oneself can bring ultimate fulfillment. So, this attitude women have makes me roll my eyes at their ignorance of this and their misplaced love fantasies.” -Colin

My answer:

Connection (or romantic love) and attachment are two different things. Interacting with other people and having synergy and contact with other human beings is a very important aspect of life. It is not important because it fills a void, but because it amplifies the experience of life.

In fact, there is no such thing as ‘wrong’ or ‘right’. That’s merely judgments and judgments are illusions. There is only what feels good and what feels bad.

Attachment does feel bad and it brings worries and potentially jealousy. Connection feels good and it makes you enjoy the present moment even more.

In the video at 2:20, you see Demi Lovato. She has strong passion and strong energies, but she also has attachment which makes you feel pain when you watch her. At 2:30, you see Palmy. Her energies feel much lighter, because she has the passion without the heaviness of attachments.

You get fulfillment from within, but it reflects in the way you interact with the world. I do agree that you should look for love from within and share it with others, instead of looking for love in the security of a relationship.

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