It will soon be November 11th 2011, 11-11-11. Some people say there will be energetic portals opening up on the planet on that day that will alter the global consciousness and make manifestation faster from that day. Whether or not this is true, the fact is that millions of people will be meditating and setting their intention that day to awaken the planet: to awaken the divine feminine, to awaken each person’s spirit, to make people break through their fears, to get rid of the banking mafia, to reconnect people together, to allow people to fully enjoy a vibrant life instead of living a daily struggle, to replace the scarcity paradigm by the abundance paradigm and to empower each and every individual on this planet.

I am inviting you to join millions of others on this meditation day. Your intention has an impact on the world, and the accumulated intention of millions of people has MUCH greater power. Your support could help this bring the world awakening to a tipping point where the new paradigm will take over the old paradigm on a global level. Help your peers reach that tipping point, please.

Here’s how you can participate.

1. Share this invitation with the people you know to grow the movement. It can be by sharing this on Facebook or talking about it with your friends.

2. On 11.11.11, dedicate at least 30 minutes of your day to meditate, preferably at 11:11 on your local time.

3. You can do a Natural Grounding session with alchemical visualizations, if you know what this is. You can also visualize the planet waking up or use whatever healing technique you know. No matter which method you choose, what matters is that you emit a strong intention, preferably for 30 minutes.

Your intention will amplify the intention of millions of others doing it at the same time.

Here’s an easy way you can heal the planet.

1. Put your hands in front of you as if you were holding a ball.

2. Visualize that you are holding the planet between your hands.

3. Visualize teal flames filling the space between your hands.

Refer to this article for more details about the teal flame meditation

There will also be many things happening that day. A new movie called Thrive will be released on 11.11.11 in 10 languages. Nassim Haramein will be in that movie where they share many secrets that will allow us to thrive as a society. Definitely check this movie once it comes out.

Let’s all get involved on 11.11.11 11:11! As we co-create this world, your intention and support will make a difference.

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