This is a historic moment. Girls’ Generation, a Korean group, released a new music video last week, except that this time they did an international release, in both Korean and English. This is the first Natural Grounding resource in history to appear in mainstream media (outside South-East Asia), and it is the first Natural Grounding video ever in English. The official Korean video alone got 10 MILLION views on YouTube in the first 4 days!! This video is extremely powerful.

The lyrics are also fascinating. They talk about sexual magnetism which is fascinating, especially coming from women. They call it the “magic touch”. This article can help you understand what is animal magnetism:
What is Animal Magnetism / Sexual Magnetism

As far as I know, this is the first time there are mentions of Sexual Magnetism in mainstream medias ever since the French Royal Commission’s investigation on animal magnetism in 1784. This is a historic moment. Their magnetism allowed them to reach 10 million views in 4 days!

Girl’s Generation has a very powerful Yin feminine Shakti energy. In this video, however, they are stepping more into a Yang masculine energy, which may not be the best for Natural Grounding, but which can make it easier for Western women to relate with them. It starts at 60% masculine / 40% feminine, then they gradually awaken the feminine energy throughout the video. The energy becomes increasingly powerful. This might be a good thing because if they showed the strong feminine energy upfront, it could make Western women freak out. This video is addictive, and it gets people hooked before bringing the transformational effect of Yin Shakti energy.

Here’s the video in English.


Here are some of the lyrics.

I can tell you’re looking at me, I know what you see
Any closer and you’ll feel the heat
You don’t have to pretend that you didn’t notice me
Every look will make it hard to breathe
I know life is a mystery, I’m gonna make history
I’m taking it from the start
Wanna know my secrets for no one ever tell
Cuz I got the magic touch and I’m not trying to fail
That’s right
And tonight I know I can fly
It’s not a fantasy, This is right for me
Living it like a star
Can’t get the best of me, I’ma be who I wanna be
This is deep in my heart

*** At this point I busted in tears. I can’t believe to hear such powerful words in mainstream music!

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