Happy New Year! A year or two ago, many people were laughing about the concept of the 2012 energy shift. Now, many people come to me asking what the heck is going on. The world is in complete chaos in all aspects. The United States and Europe are economically crashing. There are so many deep changes going on that people don’t even talk about climate change and mass extinction anymore. They thought that if someone would know what is going to happen, it would be me. I do not know what will happen. However, I can present you the points of views of various people.

My view about the 2012 energy shift is expressed in this video
The Apocalypse of 2012

The economical systems in the United States and Europe are still crashing and there are no coordinated actions taken to do anything about that. It’s a matter of time before it collapses. Meanwhile in 2011, China grew by 9.5%, Russia by 4.8%, Argentina by 9.3% and Peru by 7%. Even Iceland who told the banks to f*ck off grew by 3%, in comparison with 1% for England, 1.7% for USA and -7% for Greece. Statistics show that it is only the Western system that used to control the world that is crashing.

On the other side, many people are waking up. People are protesting all over the world and occupying public spaces. It is becoming more and more obvious that the Media are controlled. After the American Patriot Act which removed a lot of civil liberties, they now want to pass a law that will allow the military to intervene in internal affairs and arrest anyone with trial for an unlimited amount of time. This shows how desperate they are.

People are waking up beyond the point of no-return, the economical system is broken beyond the point of no-return, and the elite is destroying the stability and freedom of the current system beyond the point of no-return. We now have no choice but to go through very deep changes in the way the world works.

According to the Mayan calendar, we are currently completing the Galactic era which lasted 13 years where people have been waking up to their greater self, where people started cooperating with each other and where contacts with other planets have intensified. According to this calendar, we are about to enter a new era that will be 20 times shorter and faster. This era will be divided in 7 days and 6 nights which will last 20 days each. The fourth day is usually when the greatest discoveries and breakthroughs are made and the sixth night is usually when the greatest challenges are faced. 2010 was the sixth night of the Galactic era and there has been lots of challenges that year which made some room for new creation. I believe this new era will be marked with people waking up to their Universal self and where people will start experiencing oneness. They will realize that what they do to others, they are really doing it to themselves. I also believe our planet will come out of isolation in the Universe. So far, the events have been matching the Mayan Calendar quite well despite all odds.

David Wilcock, author of The Source Field Investigation, has written very interesting blog posts about what is going on around the world. He makes a lot of bold claims which are often hard to accept, but I have to say it makes logical sense and with all the details he provides, he doesn’t contradict what I know from other sources. He mentions that 117 countries have formed a coalition to end the “Old World Order”, are cutting their ability to create unlimited virtual money and are cutting their funds. He also mentions there is a trillion-dollar lawsuit against the elite for the highest level of fraud, which is just to open the doors to explore even bigger frauds. This information is hard to validate but it is a very interesting read.

There is also more and more information coming out about how to generate free energy such as here and here. There are also new technologies coming out such as Quantum Levitation. The military apparently holds onto a lot of technologies that could greatly improve our quality of life. If free energy, levitation and just a few other technologies were allowed to be used publicly, our lives would be very different.

This is going to be a fun year ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy New Year!

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