I just finished an intense “Live Spiritual Transformation Event” with Rion Freeberg. We had clients who flew all the way from Europe and United States to Colombia join the event. It was absolutely amazing and legendary! On top of that, I just committed $16000 to train with David Neagle, one of the top business coaches in the world. Obviously, I don’t have this money?

Why I need to train with David? What I teach is very progressive and way ahead of everything else out there in terms of coaching, healing, and dating. By learning from me and Rion, you are putting yourself ahead of all the other coaches and professionals. This level of knowledge is especially beneficial to those who want to make a professional use of it ?to become a coach, artist, performer, producer, or a top professional in any career. In order to help people bring this alignment of life purpose and financial abundance into their spiritual transformation, I will need to train how to be a business and money coach from the best coach I’ve ever seen.

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