I’m talking about a lot of esoteric subjects, and it would be good to take a reality check and to bring all of this more down-to-earth and to look at it from a physics perspective.

A while ago, I wrote a popular article called “Is there really vibrations connecting us?” After some breakthroughs in physics, I have to admit I was wrong, there are no vibrations connecting us. In fact, there are no such things as vibrations in the Universe, as we don’t live in a bidimentional world but in a tridimentional world. It is vortexes that connect all of us. Vibrations are a flattened version of vortexes to display on an oscilloscope. This is just one of the many major breakthroughs I had lately.

I came across videos from a physician called Nassim Haramein about the Unified Field Theory, and it is extremely interesting. This guy is causing some major damage into the scientific community right now, and has been kicked out of congresses several times for saying outrageous things… that were later confirmed. I could call him the modern Galileo.

Instead of putting all the unexplainable things aside like most scientists, he takes all these mysteries and puts them together. Instead of spending fortunes building bigger and bigger particle accelerators? to try to find a fundamental particle of the Universe, to just find smaller particles one after the other, he tried to understand the principles of division itself.

His videos are very long, 45 videos of 11 minutes, and the content is very worth it. I’m barely starting to assimilate the new knowledge. He is very funny, he talks about it in such simple terms that a 7-year old kid could understand.

Here are some of the things you will learn in his videos

– Why quantum physic is bunk
– Why the deeper you go within yourself, the wider your energy field expands
– How Male/Female are not social fags or ego, but fundamental constructs of the Universe
– Why healing your past emotional traumas has an impact on your present and future
– How we are all one, all connected and unlimited, while feeling limited
– The Universe is almost entirely void, and your body and atoms are almost entirely void. 96% of the mass of the Universe is void. What is the structure of this void

It also brings answers to all kind of other phenomena that were talked about over and over again such as “nasty infinity” in physics, dark matter, various unexplainable physics phenomenons, black holes, zero-point energy, levitation, crop circles, pyramids, UFOs, alchemy, ancient civilizations and much more.

View the videos of Nassim Haramein here

This brings a much more solid foundation for my work.

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