I am all about freedom, truth and taking responsibility. Recently, as I was seeking answers to deep questions, my own mind was resisting getting the answers as I knew I wouldn’t like the answers and their implications. When I talked about it to others, they all went completely silent, or even told me to not talk about it so directly. I would rather have clarity over an unbearable truth and assume its consequences rather than live in ignorance and take the resulting issues for granted. If you are not seeking truth and freedom, really, you have no reason to be reading this. I will expose 3 unbearable truths that deserve to see the light.

The first unbearable truth is nothing new and I am not too concerned about it. I will mention it here because we can take a few lessons from it. We all know what happened on 9/11 with the collapse of the World Trade Center. The “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” movement has a petition signed by 1700 architects and engineers. After doing a scientific investigation and facing the facts, they came to the conclusion that the World Trade Center was brought down by controlled demolition as an inside job and that there was a massive cover-up operation to eliminate the proofs and silence the truth. If you want to know more about the evidences, they just released a new documentary called 911 Experts Speak Out which exposes all the facts: http://911expertsspeakout.org/

I am not so concerned about what happened in the past. I am more concerned about topics for which we have control in our daily lives. However, near the end of the documentary, they have a section about psychology which to me is one of the most interesting parts of the movie. They explain that when people are faced with an unbearable truth such as 9/11 with all the undeniable proofs, many fall into denial because of the implications of the truth. It threatens their world-view, their pride and their sense of stability which often results in anger and denial.

I can promise you that the following unbearable truths will also have an impact on your world-view, pride and sense of stability. After all, these ideas have been ignored and ridiculed for a long time, which is always the case with emerging truths that defy established notions. They are however things that give us the power to reshape our future in a very positive way if we take responsibility to act on them.

Here’s the second unbearable truth. We have an energy field and are electromagnets. The balance of masculine and feminine energies is in our solar plexus, which represents the balance between personal masculine power and divine feminine power. I have a methodology to read the energy field, including the balance of masculinity and femininity, in an objective and precise way. In Canada and USA, women’s masculinity extends an average of 6 to 8 feet and their femininity extends an average of 4 to 6 feet. I haven’t found a single woman born in my city (Montreal) who has femininity as her dominant polarity. The only exceptions are some foreigners and immigrants. Even among female healers and coaches, almost all of them remain with masculinity as their dominant polarity. I only know 6 coaches and healers in USA and Canada for who femininity is their dominant polarity, and I know many coaches and healers. I talked about this here

This has consequences. We are electromagnets. Two positive poles of magnets don’t stick well together. In fact, the only way to keep them together is to tie them down and to compromise as they are constantly in a power struggle. Many relationships look exactly like that. Dating is meant to be easy and relationships should be the simplest thing in the world. It should be as simple as the chemistry created by two magnets attracting each other. Because we live in a society where femininity has been repressed and because we are trying to put positive magnetic poles together, the concept of relationship chemistry cannot exist. I’ve been to places like Peru and people understand the concept of chemistry and it’s part of their vocabulary. In Canada and USA, however, people don’t really understand that concept (because it doesn’t exist in their reality) and many people take for granted that they must compromise in relationships.

Masculinity is about living your life purpose and doing things. Femininity is about living the present moment, connecting with others and allowing things to happen. There has been an awakening of the feminine over the last years and many spiritual women developed their femininity without ever letting go of the control and security of their dominant masculine side. In terms of relationships for women, having your femininity as your dominant polarity is more important than strengthening your energy field. However, this has implications over the rest of your life including your world-view, pride, control and stability.

The following video is probably the most conscious music video ever produced. Someone measured it at 970 on the Hawkins scale, which is EXTREMELY high in consciousness. The feminine energy in that video is extremely powerful and may be unbearable if you are still resisting that aspect of your life. If you are open to awakening your energy, watch this video 5 times in a row and see how you feel.
Shine Video

The third unbearable truth is about free energies. This idea has been ridiculed for a long time. There is someone called Daniel Pomerleau who builds electric circuits that make no logical sense and generate energy out of nothing. However, nobody is able to understand what he does or reproduce it, so it has limited use besides opening our consciousness. However, there’s an inventor here in Quebec who released a free energy technology with the plans of how to build it yourself. It is very simple and it is nothing new. In fact, it was used in a million cars, trucks and buses during the Second World War because they were afraid of a penury of diesel. He built an oven based on pyrolysis. Basically, when you heat any organic material (such as wood, leaves or any oil derivatives) to a sufficiently high temperature, it does a chemical reaction where the material is converted into carbon and liberates an inflammable gas. By burning that gas, you get a 100% clean combustion with no emissions.

Here’s a video showing how to build it yourself for under 30$ of material.
Building a pyrolysis stove

In the following video, they did some more tests with it. They put clean combustibles such as wood in a pyrolysis oven. On top of it, they put a propane tank that they filled with plastic garbage. They heat the propane tank to turn the plastic into combustible gas which then goes into another propane tank. What goes out of that tank is combustible. They plugged it into a generator to produce electricity and ran a drill from it. They also ran an all-terrain vehicle from that gas. Here’s a video showing their experiments.
Pyrolysis experiments

That means we now have the technology to generate combustible gas and electricity out of garbage! Plus, we can get rid of all the plastic and old tires to do a clean combustion. If we simply implemented that technology in cars to do a full combustion of fuel instead of a polluting partial combustion, we would already greatly reduce our need for oil. That simple technology can free us from the dependency of oil and energy. Almost everything we pay is for energy and transport. If energy becomes cheap or free, we could cut all prices by a factor of 10. Getting this technology out means we must change our economical systems and our consciousness. Other free technologies will follow but we must first change our consciousness and demand these technologies to come out and be implemented.

If you read all the way here, it means you’re ready to face these truths. I am sure these have implications in your life. The next question is this. What will you do with these truths?

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