It came to my attention lately that my giving and taking are off balance. I spend a lot of time giving free content, videos, articles and giving free healing. Meanwhile, I receive very little for all of it and many people apply what I teach in a half-in/half-out way because they don’t invest anything and don’t commit themselves to change seriously. This seriously limits my ability to help you so a win-lose relationship becomes a lose-lose relationship. This definitely has to be corrected, although I’m not sure yet how it will be implemented.

I began searching about the financial give and take balance and found some very interesting information. I know many people are struggling financially (55% of my subscribers according to the survey!!). I am a dating coach, life coach and health coach. It may be important to extend my expertise into the financial area to help with your financial situation as if you don’t solve your finances, it also impacts all other areas of your life. Plus, if you don’t have any money, you can’t afford to work with me.

Here’s I’m going to share some findings while searching about financial give and take balance. These 3 affirmations pin-point issues I’m having, and that you are possibly having as well:
– I am of service to humanity while giving and receiving in balance
– I live in a generous world where I am always rewarded beyond what I give
– I claim the consequences of my past good karma NOW

I also found a very interesting article about balancing your give and take. The author, Rose Rosetree, explains exactly what I’ve been saying in my latest highly successful video Why Self-Development Brings Unsatisfying Results (8% of video views clicked Like!). She also agrees with what I said in my video Why The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work and explains how some of these methods can actually hurt your real-life success when done improperly. She talks about energetic literacy which is about working on specific aspects within yourself with precision and clarity. Thus, me and Rose Rosetree are on the same page on many aspects.

This is a GREAT article about the financial give and take balance by Rose Rosetree

She also has a book “Magnetize Money with Energetic Literacy” which I just purchased. I can’t comment on it as I haven’t read it yet, but you can read the first chapter here

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