A few people asked me whether sexual magnetism (also known as animal magnetism) is good or evil. Someone wrote in an article that ?sexual magnetism is evil and manipulative, and also that the person with sexual magnetism steals the other person’s life-force in the process”. Let’s explore the issue.

The author doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about and hasn’t developed it himself. First, sexual magnetism is about SHINING and overflowing with energy which is the opposite of draining energy. Most people seek love, seek validation, seek control and seek security. They drain people of their energy in the process. That’s called energy vampirism, but everybody does it subconsciously at various levels. It’s part of life. Sexual magnetism is about stopping to drain energy and seeking a sense of self-fulfillment. It is about living a more vibrant and fulfilling life. Authenticity and integrity are the opposite of manipulation. Yet, it can be frustrating for men trying to use tricks and techniques to manipulate women and social interactions. As one customer said, ?Pick up is a wrong, fake and shallow goal in itself. It is like a sand structure made on beach by someone. When one wave of reality and authenticity comes, it all washes away?. Raw sexual magnetism is a powerful force that empowers people and brings out authenticity. It also has the power to break people’s manipulations by shining light on fake behaviors.

Your lower chakras are grounded to Earth energy which is sexual energy, also called Gaia. Your upper chakras are grounded to Universe energy which is love energy. These are the two fundamental energies of your human existence. Sexual magnetism is about overflowing with love and sexual energy. It is about increasing your charisma and making people feel good around you. It is about shining with confidence and radiating masculinity (or femininity for women). This requires going through a process of self-transformation. This requires changing the way your emotional and energetic systems are wired in your subconscious mind. It requires letting go of limiting beliefs, fears and doubts. It requires stepping to a higher level of integrity and responsibility. Changing your words and actions simply won’t bring such results. You have to change from within.

There also seems to be confusion between dark energy in physics and dark forces. In physics, dark energy represents 95% of the mass of the Universe and 99.99999% of the volume of our atoms. It is where the astral planes exist. It is where emotional communication happens. In contrast, dark forces are dense energies rooted in fear and anger. These are two different little-known topics that wear almost the same name, yet they are very different. We all project an energy field into the astral plane. It’s up to you whether you want to project love or fear. Since animal magnetism mostly depends on the lower chakras and your connection to sexual energy, spiritual development and love is recommended but optional. There are spiritual people who live connected to all that is and live with love and bliss, yet they are disconnected from their sexuality and from the physical world. In the same way, there are people who fully live the present moment and have a strong presence and sexuality, yet they are disconnected from love and consciousness. It takes a balance. Both groundings are equally important.

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