Here are questions?from a subscriber with my answers.


Hi Etienne,

I just found your site and it sounds too good to be true and I’m really interested. You know the first thing that made me take this seriously is the 365 days guarantee because many products tell you “if you are not happy with this product in 15 or 30 days we give you back your money” but you can’t really see total and drastic changes in such a short period of time, but 1 year is enough time to see if its true or bs.

Anyway, I’m interested in your book, but I have several questions.

Q1: You say that one mistake is pursuing women, but does that mean that if you see a woman you find very attractive in the street, you shouldn?t approach her? How would you meet her then?

A: Right, you wouldn’t approach her on a reactive mindset because you find her attractive, but you could talk with her because you talk with everybody you connect with. The approach, wall or connection happens before you say a word. When she sees you, there is an exchange of energy that will determine whether her walls will be up or down. If it connects and she smiles at you, by all mean, talk to her!

Q2: So I understand you work on yourself, no more ridiculous massive approaches and all that? I mean, is it a totally individual practice?

A: Yes and no. It is an individual practice in the sense you alone have to change from the inside. However, your state of mind and your environment are connected. If you live in a trash can and your friends keep dragging you down to mediocrity, there is some external action to take. You first change from the inside, and then you take action so that your environment reflects who you are. You may clean your home, hang out with different kinds of friends and spend your time differently.

Q3: You recommend Reiki; in fact it is a must, right? But the problem is that most courses are expensive. Can you use a distance course? I mean there are supposed to be many good things out there.

A: Reiki is not necessary but it is a great tool. Actually, since I met Jacques Tombazian, a master Alchemist who shortcuts all of my shortcuts beyond my understanding, I’m not sure. Is Reiki useful? Definitely. Is it required? No, and there may be better ways that I have yet to understand. One think I have to say though, is that if $150 is more important to you than transforming your life, then you will progress very little because you don?t invest yourself.

Q4: Is it useful for meeting women in the daytime?

A: Of course, as in the scenario described for your first question. I met a few women who live in my own building, I met some at various trainings and meetings, I met some in the metro, etc.

Q5: You say that giving too much importance to the physical appearance is a mistake, and I agree but at the same time I find a conflict there. I don’t find necessarily the classical beauty so impressive; in fact, I don’t find most models in magazines that attractive but I have my own tastes and in that sense I follow it. Let’s say I have my 10s(in fact there are studies that show that our different tastes are related with genetics and survival), and I like them from the beginning, if I find they are more than what meets the eye great but I must like the girl from the beginning or I will never, is that wrong? I like to take care of myself and my weight for example (not in an obsessive bulimic way), is it wrong to ask the same of the other?

A: Of course beauty is important. In fact, I’ll usually rate women on two different criteria: soul and body. So I’ll meet a woman and say she’s an 8/10 (good energy and terrific body). I won’t go for a 1/10 (crappy narcotic woman with terrific body) or a 10/1 (enlightened old witch), but I could go for a 6/9 (average energy and very nice body).

Q6: Speaking about that do you get a great success with your type of women? I mean, I have seen many pick up artists and their “girlfriends” and let’s say they are not my type.

A: The prettiest women who brought the best relationships were always the easiest to meet and it happened right away. In fact, if she has great energy and awareness, she’ll sense my energy and most likely I won’t be able to stop her. Last week-end I met a pretty woman who is a sexologist and alchemist and who practices Tantra. She invited me and another woman to her home to eat soup, and then she was talking about sex, cleaning and massaging my feet. How could I possibly prevent it from happening with such a great woman!?

Q7: In more or less how long can you expect to see drastic changes?

A: I really can’t say. It depends where you start, where you go and how motivated you are. If you have more resistances, it will be faster. If you aren’t so motivated and would rather stay in your comfort zone, it will take forever. Jacques Tombazian tries to make us achieve in 4 days a difficult Alchemist path to enlightment that normally takes years of meditation, with a few shortcuts.

Q8: Is the book and bonuses enough to get that transformation? I mean, at some point I want to do the phone coaching but for a long time I would only use your product, and what you recommend.

A: Sexual Magnetism is great to have a basic understanding of how energies work within you and in relation to others, and to understand the mechanism of releasing limitations. It gives you a solid toolset to work on yourself and to understand your world; that is, if you are ready to understand it as it is very advanced. I am working on another product that will be more of a down-to-earth introduction to open your mind to what’s really possible. Sexual Magnetism will be easier to integrate after listening to the other product, as you can’t fill a bottle that is already full.

Q9: You say that another mistake is porn. I used to agree with you but after some time and experiences I find that the problem with erotic products is that they get you away of your own excitement, but if you focus on yourself and your sensations, the feeling is totally different. What’s your opinion on that?

A: I would rather keep my sexual desires to do the real thing. If I can’t get laid for a long time, I can use that sexual desire as a great force to transform my life. If you couldn’t masturbate more than once per two weeks, trust me, you would figure out a way to plug it somewhere. Nature always finds a path.

Q10: It is possible to give 6 payments of $27, are they monthly payments?

A: Yes.

Q11: Does this work if I live in a Latin country?

A: Oh, it works so much better in Latin countries!! The problem with applying it in America is that women are more masculine, more stressed, more in their head and literally cut-off from their intuition when we compare to Latin countries. I have gone through that and can meet great women no matter where I am, but now when I go to a Latin country, it’s NUTS beyond reason. Last time I went to Barcelona, I kissed 15 girls in 30 days.


The alchemist woman I met, Brigitte, looked at my website, and here’s what she had to say.

“I also believe men have a real need to restore their strength in America. I believe there must first be a search for inner balance of Yin and Yang within every person. But the equality of sexes is a lie. Men and women are COMPLIMENTARY, thus very different from each others. We would gain a lot by assuming our deepest nature and lifting each others instead of diminishing each others or trying to dominate… we are leaving the era of alliances (fusion) to enter the era of allies (partner)!”
– Brigitte

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