I’ve been to various kinds of trainings in my life and met many great people, and I usually got much more than what I paid for. Here are some of the best trainings I had for the price.

Rion’s free seminar several years ago, when he was getting started. I knew his stuff was different and I flew from Barcelona to Texas to see him, but the seminar was free and we’re good friends since. It’s much easier to connect with masters before they get famous, and you must have some value to offer in exchange, whether it’s financial value, services, complementariness or wisdom. I often asked very precise questions to Rion that led him to breakthroughs. The trip and plane ticket has cost around $1000.

I became friend with some people around Montreal who are very strong with energies, and I never know what will happen when I see them. I guess they help me for free because they see my potential. People tend to help those they believe in.

Landmark Forum hasn’t made such a huge difference in my life, but it did help and it did make a huge difference in the life of other people. I’d say it’s GREAT for people who are getting started or who have serious issues to resolve, but when I get to higher levels of self-development, there are things I don’t agree with, such as Integrity vs. Authenticity. Some people travel from France or drive several hours everyday to take the training in Montreal, but the only French Landmark training in the world is 15 minutes from my home. For 550$, they offer a LOT since they teach in huge groups, and I got to know CEO Space from someone there.

CEO Space is a big international organization where the top leaders in the world meet to help each others. All the masters in the movie The Secret are in there at the international level in Las Vegas. There are local clubs as well that are free. There is only 1 club in Canada, and it is in Montreal 10 minutes walk from my home, and everybody says that our club president is by far the best president of all the local clubs around the world. I got the lifetime international membership for a third of the price, as they did a huge promotion that they never ever did before: three people could subscribe for the price of one, and they don’t have to go at the same time. So I just subscribed with two other local members who wanted to go. This has cost me $2300 instead of $5500 or $6500. I’ll go to the meeting in Las Vegas in March. Some people I know who went there described it as a “slingshot effect”.

Bob Proctor, the main host of the movie The Secret, is one of the main mentors at CEO Space. One of Bob’s mentors is Jacques Tombazian, a Master Alchemist, who I met through CEO Space as he is traveling to Montreal. What I saw there is mind-blowing, and you definitely don’t find that level of person anywhere! His 4 days training is only $800 but this is probably the last time he teaches. He normally charges $300 an hour for private consultations but in Montreal he charges only $100, which is cheaper than I charge myself. He’s basically giving his time away and training people to take his place. This guy can heal cancers and AIDS, and he shortcuts all of my shortcuts beyond my understanding, in terms of shifting my state of being. Obviously, I’m meeting with him privately!

Another guy I met at CEO Space in Montreal does marketing through social media websites but he had no clue how to build a business around it. After going to CEO Space for a while, he had his business running properly and he made me a price. He went to CEO Space at the international level last month and now his business is much more solid, all the work is delegated, he can bring at least twice the results and he has customers to keep him busy for the next 6 months. He’ll still give me the lower price, even though he’ll deliver twice as much. Great deal!

Another guy at CEO Space referred me a great business coach in Montreal, Peter Vogopoulos. By looking at his website I thought he’s way too expensive for me as he charges a fortune to larger businesses, but we met for a cafe and he’ll help me at reasonable price. Since he likes to help motivated young entrepreneurs, he charges $2800 instead of $3800 to meet twice a month for 6 months. Since I can motivate myself and need time to implement actions, I proposed to meet once a month which will allow me to have 6-month coaching for $1500.

Out of all that, you can see that I always get much more than I pay for. How do I do it?

1. By having a goal and by showing motivation and dedication, people feel inspired to help me.

2. By focussing on what I want, I attract people and circumstances into my life.

3. I have the ability to integrate very quickly what people teach, which makes investments even more worth it.

When I think about it, I guess people give me so much because I want to give. They help me give to others. If you just show up somewhere for your own profit and trying to take from people, you’ll experience the opposite.

There’s a guy in Montreal, Alexandre Nadeau, who is at the very high-end of self-development with advanced NLP applied to states of consciousness. He is normally very expensive, but he organized two open-door days where he was teaching for whatever you want to give. He had the intuition that he should organize these events without even having a reason. He can bring people to extraordinary states of consciousness, but making these states permanent have strong side effects, such as passing the day on the toilet. He mentioned that he was trying to find a way to make these states permanent for 400 people at the same time without the side-effects (imagine 400 people in the toilets)… I sent him an email suggesting him to explore the alchemist art of transmutation, as it did bring strong changes in me without any side-effects at all. So, basically, I help masters whenever I can.

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