I’m back from the Purpose and Prosperity Live Event in Montreal and just transferred 27GB of video from the event onto my laptop. It may take some time to release all of them but I already have a few videos ready.

I have been doing psychic readings of energy profiles for a while and this really caught the attention of a lot of people. I’m in an inner-circle mastermind group with one of my coaches and almost everybody in the group asked me for a reading. When I offered 10 free readings a while ago, they were all gone within a few hours. I also did psychic readings at the Montreal live event and this brought huge breakthroughs for each participant. Some of these live psychic readings of energy profiles were recorded with their permission.

These psychic readings allow precisely measuring your strengths and weaknesses so that you know exactly what’s holding you back from getting the results you desire in real life. The Hawkins Scale of Consciousness became very famous for measuring the energetic level of any person. However, all you get is a number between 0 and 1000. That’s very interesting… but there’s not much you can do with it. The psychic readings I do, however, measure very specific aspects of your energy field such as personality, self-confidence, emotional intelligence and spiritual connection. This shows you exactly which aspects are out of balance, which aspects have been neglected and which aspects you need to work on. Now, this is extremely powerful. You can then work with me or any other effective coach or healer to solve these very specific issues. But until you know exactly what’s holding you back, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Here’s some great news: I am now officially offering these psychic readings as a service. What is your energy profile, and in an ideal world, how would you like your energy profile to be next year? The weaknesses in your energy field are the only things holding you back. I provide two levels of psychic readings to accommodate your needs. The Standard Profile is perfect for anyone new to their self-transformation journey. The Business Profile goes more in depth and is a must for anyone stepping into their purpose and passion.

I am launching this new service at less than half the normal price and the price will be going up every two weeks until it reaches its normal price. Get your energy profile now before pricing goes up!

Click the following link to view live psychic readings of energy profiles and to sign up to get your reading!

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