We are pure shining diamonds covered with mud just waiting to be uncovered. This is a core principle of Self-Awakening and Self-Transformation. We’ve been thought to believe we must learn and develop skills and competences. We’ve been brought up to believe it takes discipline, perseverance and experience to reach higher emotional and spiritual states. These are limiting beliefs.

I do not work with beliefs and theories. I do not take anything for granted, no matter who it comes from. Everything I teach is experimental. I try new things and observe the results. Let’s take for example learning to ride a bike. Nobody can teach you how to ride a bike. You can read dozens of books on the topic and you still won’t be able to ride a bike. You’ll then get on the bike and fall because you don’t have the awareness of how to keep your balance. Is that ability to keep your balance a skill you must learn, or an inherent ability you already have within you that you just have to uncover? When studying spiritual truths, it usually comes down to reminding you of what you already know. Is that universal truth a competence to learn, or something already within you? I would go as far as saying that nobody can teach you anything except what is already within you. I’m not talking about memorizing information; that’s not learning how to use your brain. I’m talking about learning how to use your own brain to achieve things.

This core understanding that you are a pure shining diamond covered with mud just waiting to be uncovered is really essential for awakening your inner powers. Without that core understanding, you cannot understand the benefits of Natural Grounding and Self-Awakening videos, and if you don’t understand the benefits, you won’t put much attention onto them and you would miss something that could literally transform your life.

Self-Awakening is really an experimental proof that we are pure shining diamonds by nature. By looking at the results many people are getting, in terms of healing their emotional issues, developing their charisma and having huge breakthroughs in all areas of life, we can confirm that everything they desire is already within them. The Self-Awakening methodology is simply about removing the mud covering the shining diamonds. That’s all it does.

Take a look at these two Self-Awakening videos from this new understanding. You might have new insights into this.



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