There are many people who keep going from seminar to seminar, invest many thousands of dollars and end up still not having the results they desire. If that’s your case, this article is precisely for you.

The problem is that most people are in “information gathering” mode where they collect information, take small actions, give up when they face obstacles and go to the next seminar hoping it will bring the magic pill. Others collect information in books, info-products and free websites. They gather a huge amount of information which they never put into use because they never had the intention of investing any serious time, energy and money, and because nobody ever brought them out of their comfort zone. These are recipes for failure and procrastination.

I am offering you the Purpose and Prosperity Live Event in Montreal on June 29th. It is not a magic pill. However, I don’t let people go there with the dysfunctional mindset of “information gathering”, and that’s why I ask a considerable investment. The magic pill has been within you all along.

Here are 5 steps to overcome information gathering mode and to manifest your desire into physical reality. This is really the essence of Results-Oriented Spirituality which I brought to a whole other level with the Miracle of Money system.

1. You must have a strong desire to live your life differently and to live with more purpose, freedom and prosperity. This has to come from within you.

2. You must make a decision to step into that desire, which usually comes in the form of an investment. I can help you do this but ultimately the decision is yours.

3. Get clear on what specific issues are holding you back from manifesting your desire. I can clearly help you on that. “General” self-help such as Yoga or meditation retreat is not going to do it.

4. Find someone who can help you overcome these specific issues, pull you out of your comfort zone and help you overcome patterns you are unaware of.

5. Take decisive action with proper support. The energy you put into the actions is proportional to the energetic value of the money you invested in the first place.

This sounds too simple yet most people don’t do it. Here are some of the many mistakes I’ve seen people make.

– Only going for free information. Simply put, if $100 is more important to you than changing your life, you will not get the results no matter how good the information is.

– Only reading books and info-products. Some books and info-products are really great, but they can only bring you up to a certain point. In order to get out of “information gathering” mode, you must eventually get someone at a higher level to show your blind spots, to get you out of your comfort zone and to direct you in the new reality. I don’t know anyone who became successful without good coaches. I will also say that if you are to invest less than $1000 in a coach, better throw your money in the garbage. Why bother doing something if you are not serious about it?

– Giving your responsibility away. I spoke with a man who went from seminar to seminar and ended up in bankruptcy. He gave the responsibility for his evolution away to the various teachers… because he did not trust himself! You must trust yourself, you must take responsibility for your own growth, you must get focused on what you need and you must take responsibility for the value you get out of a training. I am a master at getting the most value out of everyone I study. The reason is this: my specialty is self-transformation and I know how to integrate knowledge into my being. I don’t struggle with the emotional stuff because I easily get rid of it.

– Making decisions based on current circumstances. Many people say “I would invest this if I had the money”. While they sometimes realize that the investment is what would allow them to have the consequence of money, they often confuse their source of wealth as their bank account instead of the Universe. There are several people who made the commitment to attend the Purpose and Prosperity Live Event and then turned around and said they haven’t been able to find the money. If a desire is strong enough, the means to make it happen is already around you, that’s a universal law. Other than extending the credit card, getting a new credit card, borrowing the money, getting more work or knocking on every door to raise some money, there’s someone who had the genius idea of simply selling a few antiques and crystals that were around the house.

While making the money back on the investment is a short or medium term consequence (depending on your motivation and commitment), what even I didn’t realize until now is that this has huge consequences for the years to come. I personally made huge investments lately to become a David Neagle Certified Coach Miracle of Money Mentor and made the biggest shifts I’ve ever done in my life, business and finances. I definitely stretched my investments beyond my means which is not always comfortable. If I was to go through the same decision again, I would definitely do the same. Although I am still in a transition phase, what I just realized is that what I’ve put into place will have HUGE consequences for the years to come and for the rest of my life. If I was to change anything, I might just have done a slightly smaller step as I totally shifted my business, industry, target market, finances, mindset, prices, approach to money, approach to sales, approach to business, approach to coaching, social life… all of that and more at the same time. Although you don’t have to make such a drastic move all at once, this is the fastest growth period of my life.

If you’re had enough of “information gathering” and if you want to powerfully transform your life by stepping into your life purpose in a way that will allow you to live abundantly, and if you’re not yet at the level to invest $20000 in a coach like David Neagle, The Purpose and Prosperity Live Event in Montreal may be the next step.

Purpose and Prosperity Live Event in Montreal (June 29th)

You can also get a FREE Purpose and Prosperity Strategy Session. If you want to step forward with your life, the clarity you will get in this coaching call will be extremely valuable whether or not you decide to come to Montreal. There’s nothing to lose, everything to gain.

One thing I can guarantee you is this: if you want to work with me, I will not let you do it in information gathering mode.

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