I’ve been alienating women for a long time by talking about sexual polarity. I’ve been alienating the seduction community for a long time by telling them they’d get more if they stopped trying to take from others. I’ve alienating the mainstream for a long time by talking about “far out” stuff that has nothing to do with “normally acceptable” stuff. Now I’m even alienating some existing clients by telling them to step into their life purpose instead of just meditating to improve their personal lives. Just yesterday there’s a Quebec spiritual woman who took the time to send me a personal request to remove her from the strategy session and mailing list. Sometimes I wonder whether I should tone down my message to make it more socially acceptable… but that wouldn’t feel right. Yesterday I was talking with Sylvain St-Martin and he said I could softly introduce controversial topics so that people gradually see the benefits and gradually open up. If I did that, I couldn’t have nearly the level of transformation I offer during my coaching and events.

Yes, a lot of the things I talk about go against your beliefs. Yes, a lot of it pushes you out of your comfort zone and threatens your stability and pride. Yes, many of you may hate the last article I wrote. Yes, a lot of it may even go against your spiritual principles and most sacred values. That’s exactly why it is so powerful. The testimonials from the Self-Awakening and Transformation Live Event in Medellin show the level of power some of these sensitive topics open up to. Note that this event was 4 intense days of over 15 hours each!! Extremely intense. Some of them also had private coaching upgrades on top of that. It doesn’t mean the Montreal Event will have the same level of internal transformation; however it does show what is possible with the things I play with. There are some discussions I do not get into such as whether energies exist, as I can make anyone feel movements and tingling of energy within their bodies within 30 seconds. No rational theories can contradict real life experiences.

Paul was totally stuck in his head and had a hard time communicating and connecting with others. His engineering mind kept running around like crazy, on top of having almost no feminine energy at all. In that video, he looks literally 10 years younger than 5 days before, he’s much more relaxed and much more in his body. Awakening his feminine energy also brought a balance which made a huge difference!

Andreas, although he was well spiritually developed, was really stuck in his shell and disconnected from his emotions and emotional power. He wasn’t able to get in from of a camera and say something meaningful for 30 seconds without saying “uh” all the time. When another participant saw Andreas’ testimonial, he said “Andreas, is that you!?” The way he expresses himself has nothing to do with the way it was before the event. Plus, he’s now better than before at poker and he’s making more money from that!

Monica, although she was not at that event, is my female experimentation ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s one of the few women I’ve met who actively wanted to awaken her femininity and she talks about the difference it made in her life. In that video, her masculinity extends 100km and her femininity extends 90km. Powerful energy, but masculinity was still her dominant polarity. Since she realized that, her energy has now shifted. Her masculinity now extends 75km and her femininity now extends 120km. She’s attracting goodness and people are actually pausing to acknowledge her presence, especially men.

That being said, the energy field of most of those who attended the Self-Awakening and Transformation Live Event extends between 8 and 16 feet. In order to extend beyond that, they would have to align their energy and actions with what their heart is telling them to do. The majority of those who came to Medellin in Colombia for this event are also coming over to the Purpose and Prosperity Live Event in Montreal.

I know the vast majority of people are not ready to step into many of the things I teach because some topics are uncomfortable and contradict their beliefs. If I do allow some people who are not ready for it to come to my event, it would hold back the energy of the entire group. If I avoid some of the sensitive topics such as balancing sexual polarity, I couldn’t provide nearly the same transformation as I would otherwise, and I don’t want to dilute the experience of those who want to step full-in. Thus, I will hold my ground and acknowledge that many of the things I talk about will be uncomfortable and challenging. Those who want fast and profound transformation know how to find me. Those who want socially acceptable stuff that doesn’t contradict their core beliefs can find plenty of other coaches or therapists out there. It really depends where you want to go with your life.

When my parents heard that some people are flying from Europe to the Purpose and Prosperity Live Event in Montreal, she thought they have to be people with money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Although some of them do have money, most do NOT have money. These are people who DESIRE money, and the decision they make now will impact the years to come and the rest of their lives. Big difference. My own parents do not understand that difference, but I’m sure you do.

Although I’ve mostly been working with men so far, 70% of people in spirituality are women so it is important to make it accessible for women. I will simply say this. If you are a woman and considering working with me, you must be able to watch the Shine video and feel its energy without running the other way, as I will use this for powerful awakening work during the event. Opening your femininity is what will also allow you to strengthen your passion, strengthen your ability to take responsibility and strengthen your worthiness, with a special meditation that I never shared in public yet.

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