My friend Rion Williams has written an e-book a while ago about Natural Grounding. It is a very powerful meditation technique that allowed thousands of men to feel better about themselves, to have more self-confidence, to better understand women and even to overcome porn addiction.

He recently released a new 2011 version of that e-book. I made quite a few changes to it to make it for both men and women and to clarify certain aspects. You’ll get the Natural Grounding 2011 (v2) with the purchase of any products.

A woman tried it and here’s what she has to say about it.

“Well, I am typing from my phone and I’d love to report that natural grounding was working beautifully on me and I must confess that I did not even realize how great it was functioning until I stopped doing it for 2 consecutive weeks. Wow, what a difference! Suddenly, I have no male attention compared to getting much attention when I was practicing ‘natural’ grounding. I stopped partly bc the internet was out for 1.5weeks at my house, now it is my computer that is being worked on. Today, however, i made a point to view natural grounding over my phone as well as my other three videos i find helpful. I will share all I’m viewing when I receive my laptop. In all, I am using the women on natural grounding, a video of actors (showing them in natural sort of way) and a couples video hugging and kissing. All combined so I can balance all the energies I may have out of place. Again, I will show u what I’m using. In the mean time, getting out of routine has taught me how much it has helped me. Thats great news!

So, yes natural grounding works. It keeps me on touch with my own femininity, and the other videos fills me up with male energy.

Oh, and ur book is making a lot more sense as I make more progress with ur coaching.

More later.” – Monica

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