Here’s some great news. I will be hosting a live event with Rion Freeberg in Medellin, Columbia, in February. This will be intense, and legendary. This is a rare opportunity for those of you who are committed to transform your life. This will be a deep transformation and we will do advanced energy work to shift your reality. Most importantly, beyond spiritual work, we apply these concepts to achieve concrete results in your life. I highly recommend you to dress a list of specific objectives you want to reach in the areas of dating, sex, health, wealth, well-being, energy healing and consciousness. Transformation comes from clarity, focus and leverage and has little to do with time. The clearer you are and the more focus you have, the most you will get from this legendary live event. This event is not about dating and attracting women. The focus is really on personal awakening and transformation, but then you can apply it to any area of your life which includes dating. Actually, your magnetism becomes even stronger when you shift your focus 100% on yourself, your own quality of life and your own path in life.

You will get BOTH me AND Rion for a full 60 hours spread over 4 intense days in the ‘City of Eternal Spring’. Medellin is very modern, safe, warm all year and people are extremely friendly, besides having some of the prettiest women in the world. This event will shatter your vision of the world and what you believe to be possible. It will shift your paradigm. I and Rion have very different strengths and methodologies. Rion will focus on self-awakening, natural grounding and cultural awareness. He reaches extremely high peak states during the night which will shift your reality. On the other hand, I focus on energy work, Alchemy and energy healing in a focused way to achieve concrete results in your life. I will dig into your strengths and issues to bring a deep and permanent transformation that will reflect into your real life to bring the results you truly seek. Whenever I get together with Rion, our energies amplify and it is truly legendary.

I have been charging $247 per hour since a long time and my prices are now considerably higher. Those of you who worked with me know how effective and impactful a single hour of my time is. And don’t worry; I know the internal changes are overwhelming. We will give you a full day off during the event to digest, and we also want to make it intense to break the barriers of your own ego. We will do 2 intense days, 1 day off and 2 more intense days. You will get over 60 hours with both me and Rion. At my *old* price, that’s $14820 for my time alone, not counting Rion’s time which is equally valuable. You will get that at a fraction of the cost, if you act now.

But here’s the thing. The spots are EXTREMELY LIMITED. We only take 7 people who are highly committed, who want to step into something bigger, who are willing to open themselves and who are familiar with our work. We don’t want anyone holding you and the group back. This event transforms lives forever. Rion announced it yesterday and we already have 2 spots booked, which leaves only 5 spots. These will go quickly and this is a VERY RARE event. The only time I hosted an event with Rion was in Montreal 1.5 year ago and this was legendary. This time we are stepping it up to make it even more impactful.

Since I and Rion have different methodologies, we had to reach a compromise. You will get $26640 worth of our time (if we calculate with my old rates). Rion wanted to make it more affordable because many of you have limited financial resources. I wanted to make it more expensive to respect my real value, to get higher commitment from you (which would amplify your transformation all by itself) and to allow you to step into something bigger than you’ve allowed yourself so far. Rion wanted to do it during nighttime where he reaches the highest states. I wanted to do it during the day and give you time to digest the energy shifts which can quickly knock you off. We reached a compromise in terms of price and schedule. You will get over $26640 of our time for only $2997. If you want to get the best price, we are lowering it to $1997 until this Sunday, then price will be going up $100 per week until it reaches $2997 or until all spots are booked, which may happen very quickly. If you are fully committed yet don’t have all the money right now, we also offer a deposit option to reserve your spot. If you don’t have the money, you know what to ask for Christmas! How long will you let your current situation determine your decisions about your future?

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