The live event with me and Rion has been sold out within 2 days. Because some of our clients were about to make a heart-attack for not making it, we are organizing a second live event on March 9-13th 2012 in Medellin Columbia. You will get 60 hours with both me and Rion to break through the barriers holding you back from achieving the success you truly want in the areas of dating, sex, health, wealth and more. Rion will go very in-depth about self-awakening and Natural Grounding. I will go very in-depth about self-transformation and Alchemy. I have been charging $247 per hour for my time since a long time and my prices are now considerably higher. At my old price, you get $14820 worth for my time alone, not counting Rion’s time which is equally valuable.

Here’s the thing. We have already 4-5 spots taken from the waiting list, leaving only 2-3 spots for the people in this mailing list and the mailing list of Rion. These few spots for the second event will be going fast. This event is worth $26640 for our time. How much is it for you? Only $2997. The original plan was to launch it at $1997 and raise it by $100 per week until the normal price, but as you know, the first event completely sold out in two days. You can grab one of the 2-3 spots remaining for $2097 until this Sunday, then it will raise by $100. You can also reserve your spot with a deposit of $500.

Here are a few questions for you.

What are you looking to transform in your life? Will a quick fix satisfy you or are you seeking a profound transformation from within? How badly to you want to reconnect with yourself, develop your full potential, reconnect with your life purpose, attract women of great inner and outer beauty and live with abundance in all areas? How much is it actually costing you NOT to solve these problems NOW? How badly do you want to transform your life for the better? If you don’t think you have enough money, how long will you let your current circumstances determine your decisions about your future? If you are serious and committed about your personal transformation, here’s what I urge you to do.

Go to this page and book your spot right now, because the spots are extremely limited and we are not doing it again for a long time. I will leave Columbia shortly after this second event.

Those who have worked with me know how deep and quick the transformation is when we work in a focused and precise way to achieve specific outcomes. Those for who I have done psychic readings know how precise I am at pinpointing the very specific issues holding you back, which you are often not aware of. Working with BOTH me AND Rion will be absolutely mind-blowing. If you are serious about your self-transformation and have specific objectives you absolutely want to reach, click the link below and reserve your spot before we sell out a second time.

It’s great to put faces on names. See you ‘live’!

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