As I’ve already talked about, the planet is going through an energy shift that will reach its peak in 2012 (see video The Apocalypse of 2012). Concretely, what impact does this have on your personal energy and emotions? Your energy is rising, but there’s more than that. It also brings a few challenges to be aware of.

First, this can cause all the fears and issues within you to move around and become chaotic. Mood swings and even depression become more common and can be difficult to go through. Luckily I’m teaching you energy healing skills that can help you go through this.

Second, with people protesting in over 1500 cities around the world, the world is in turmoil. If you live anywhere near these activities, and especially if you participate, the energy of turmoil can affect you. People are getting exhausted, desperate, angry, hopeful, committed, determined and beaten up. All of this emotional chaos impacts the energy of the cities. Being in 1500 cities around the world, it is strong enough to alter the energy field of the planet as a whole so this turmoil can affect you no matter where you are.

Third, there are more and more people getting psychically attacked by demons. One client came to me in shock because he then realized demons and dark forces were real. Not only are psychic attacks increasing, but the attacks are stronger than before. Here’s the thing. The energy shift of the planet leaves no place to these demons and dark forces. They are fighting for survival and are becoming increasingly aggressive because of the Wounded Tiger Syndrome. When a tiger is wounded, that’s when he is the most dangerous.

Let me share you a story so that you better understand what is going on. As you probably know, I learnt alchemy from the master alchemist Jacques Tombazian. A while ago, he went to Brazil to close some large energetic portals that allowed dark forces to affect the region. He got there tired after a long flight and arrived up in the altitude of the mountains to do his job. He got seriously attacked by demons and half his body was paralyzed. Now he only does such work when he is in full shape, and never just after taking a plane. Normally if you mind your own business, you stay out of trouble, until recently. Last year, Jacques was attacked again by dark forces, and several of the most powerful alchemists he knows also got seriously attacked. It took him over a month to get over it.

He meditated and said “God, you have to provide me with the tools I need if you want me to serve you, I can’t work in such conditions.” He channeled some new extremely advanced knowledge of Alchemy to deal with these dark forces effectively, and he passed this knowledge over to me and a few of his most advanced students. Interestingly enough, all those who were not ready had a reason to not show up to that class. Actually, if we define Alchemy as reaching enlightenment through the alignment of your physical, emotional and spiritual energies, this knowledge is beyond enlightenment and beyond Alchemy as it works with the plane of the Absolute beyond your energy field. Through my spiritual awakening, I have struggled many times with demons and powerful remnants of my own past. I am now extremely effective at dealing with dark forces. I freeze them, disintegrate them and smash them into pieces so they usually avoid getting anywhere near me — which is wise.

So what should you do if you experience such challenges?

First, take the time to get centered with the various energy healing meditations you know.

Second, here’s a great article from Erin Pavlina about fighting dark entities.

Third, if none of these are working, don’t keep it to yourself. Seek help from the best healer you know, which would be me. There are healers who organize weekly healing circles but Reiki Masters don’t have the tools to effectively deal with such entities.

Finally, you should know that this turmoil is just a phase we’re going through. We will go through it and things will be much easier after the peak of the 2012 energy shift. Also, know that you are the master of your own mental space. Nobody can be stronger than you are in your own reality. Stay centered and detach yourself from what’s holding you back.

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