There has been a lot of very eye-opening things happening in the last few months.

On September 27th, US Army officials announced that UFOs were playing around the nuclear missile sites, turning the missiles on and off randomly. This made the army very nervous, and this happened in various countries around the world.

3 days later, they announced that they discovered the first planet outside our solar system potentially habitable by humans. They then announced they found over a thousand such planets.

Now they just found new forms of live based on Arsenic on Earth. This means life can exist in vastly different environments than what we thought possible.

What does religions have to say about it? The Vatican already officially announced that it wouldn’t contradict what they preach.

Anyway, the Bible talks about UFOs, but we never hear about those parts.

Also, the British government has released classified UFO files that have been kept secret for a long time.

All this is very eye-opening on many aspects. If you talked about this ten years ago, people would think you’re crazy. My question to you is: what else have you always taken for granted? What else do you think is not possible?

Also, Wikileaks just released over 400000 US secret diplomatic documents. This brings the light on a LOT of secrets. This is another huge thing. It doesn’t get talked so much in standard medias, but it is well covered by The Real News

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