Great news. My friend Rion Freeberg has just released a FREE self-awakening 7 modules kit. I have gone through that content and it is priceless… and free to share. I can’t believe he is giving it all out for free, but this powerful knowledge has to come out to the public. Get your free kit at

If you want to work privately with me, I will ask you to first go through this free material. Once you integrate it (which may take some time), you will be in a position to benefit much more from coaching with me. Thus, I will send you and others to and work with the people on the other side.

The information on the main page alone brings huge breakthroughs. As for Natural Grounding, Rion used to promote it but didn’t teach it. Now he is starting to teach it and what he is giving for free is mind-blowing. Enjoy!

“If what you do doesn’t fit in your industry (seduction), create your own industry (self-transformation)” -Etienne Charland

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