I have a few private phone coaching spots open and I’ll give a free half-hour to people who are serious about integrating changes into their lives to see concrete results. I’ll talk about it more at the end of this email.

First, I just had a legendary group coaching week-end with Rion Williams in Montreal. Here is what people have to say about it:

“These guys are really dedicated and they will give everything they?ve got for you to totally get into that peek state of energy, the real state of the naturals; how they think, how they feel, their perspective on things? It?s all about empowering yourself at deeper levels of understandings. You will actually go into the field with them and see them in action getting great ?results with women. It?s contagious. You?ll learn from osmosis. In their presence you?ll get into that state, breaking your limiting beliefs about yourself and what you can achieve with women but, most important, you can apply it in many other areas of your life also. I?ve done many empowering weekends in the past with different facilitators in many different domains but I?ve never seen such generosity before and real engagement to transmit their truth anywhere else. These guys are real. They teach at the Master level. Etienne and Rion together it?s a perfect complimentarily team, Etienne focussing more on the shamanic aspect and Rion actually giving you some Master Tools ?in order to bring you the full Mastery you need to succeed and get the results you want with women.” – Eric (Canada)

“Thanks Etienne, and Rion, and for all of your work and personal attention over the weekend. The weekend was very helpful and great to finally meet other guys who are grounding, and to see you two maestros in person. I know that my conviction is solid now with my own capability. I’m going on 6 dates in the next two weeks to reinforce it and encourage other guys to create a free online dating profile now at one of the big sites in your area with tons of women joining all the time, and spend some time getting your profile right so THEY contact YOU, so you start getting a couple of new EFFORTLESS dating opportunities every week, and start dating more beautiful women. For me this is how Im making sure the Experience portion is handled. It allows me to inevitably get better and better with each date regardless of outcome, although my beliefs are way stronger now each day I ground and about to go to an even higher level. The level of beauty with the women I’m meeting is beyond what I’m used to which is exactly why I’m doing it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nothing is the same anymore guys, for any of us. Go reinforce it. No woman is ever in a position to validate anything with a conscious choice based off any social judgement anyway. I’m just setting up dates consistently and letting the power of nature do it’s thing. I hope to see everyone carrying the huge momentum from Montreal directly into their dating lives and hearing about breakthroughs.” – Frank (USA)

So as I said, I have a few phone coaching spots open and the guys I coached so far got MASSIVE value from working one-on-one. Some of the greatest benefits of working with me is that I will see things about you that you don’t see so you will be able to consciously work on your strength and limitations with more clarity. It also allows you to integrate changes on a subconscious level instead of just reading from my blog on a mental level. If you haven’t seen the results you want yet, there are things holding you back that you aren’t yet aware of and I can help you overcome them. And if you don’t have any problems and don’t want help, well… I believe neither in perfection nor in limitations. No matter what level of success and bliss you experience in life, things can always get better. My own life will keep getting better. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with you. It’s that things can get even better than they are.

I am feeling generous today ๐Ÿ™‚ I am giving a free half-hour consultation to the first 5 guys who contact me. This doesn’t engage you in anything. You can then decide whether this is for you or not and there will be no pressure. To apply, fill in this form.

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