In the first part of this article, we explored the current state of femininity in the Western world to clearly understand why dating is so complicated and why people are so disconnected from each other. If you haven’t already, read it here.

Awareness is the first step to solve a problem, but if you want results, it takes more. Masculinity and femininity complement each other in a very natural and harmonious way. If you can help them awaken their femininity, problems and complications will simply disappear. How can you do this?

A first way is through the law of attraction. What you focus your intention on expands into your life. If you value authentic feminine behaviors, you will attract women who are authentically feminine and women will tend to show that side of their personality. If you subconsciously view flirty women as sluts, they will hold back and put emotional walls even if they are interested in you and even if you are not aware of your subconscious belief. To start attracting feminine behaviors through the law of attraction, you must first value it through your conscious mind. Then, the real power happens in the beliefs in your subconscious mind. You must become aware of your beliefs that are not aligned with nature and replace them with beliefs that are aligned with the natural attraction between men and women. Watch this video and notice all the thoughts and beliefs passing through your mind as you watch it.


I had a Kung Fu master once say that you can under the world from a square foot of jungle. This is definitely true with this video. There is such authenticity and depth in that video that you can gain unlimited insights just by watching it over and over again. I want you to re-evaluate all of your beliefs about what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman, what is strength and what are emotions. Better yet, don’t think at all. Become aware of your thoughts and judgments and let them all go to silence your mind and simply be present to the video. Watch this video a few times. You may notice a shift in the way you feel, a shift in your beliefs and a shift in your understanding of the world. You are starting to experience a glimpse of what Natural Grounding has to offer. Now, watch this video a few times and notice all the thoughts, beliefs and judgments passing through your mind.


I want you to take a look at all your beliefs related to relationships, playing hard to get, sluts, chemistry, emotional connection, carefreeness and happiness. As you look at your beliefs and watch the video, you may notice your beliefs start to transform. If you put aside your judgments, you may start to understand a higher level of truth about women and relationships.

A second way to awaken women’s femininity is through the law of inter-connectedness. The way you feel impacts people around you as we are all emotionally connected. When you watch a Natural Grounding video, you are having a direct emotional and energetic connection with the artist and it impacts the way you feel. It awakens you. You want more of it because it makes you feel good. If you awaken your own masculinity and start living with more joy, passion and carefreeness, people will start feeling good around you. Your good mood will be contagious. It will awaken people. It will light up the room. Watch this video a few times and simply feel her voice. Pay attention to how you feel.


Unless your mind kept running around with thoughts and judgments, the song probably made you feel better. You may have felt tingling in your body. It may even have brought up tears, which is a good thing. Let it affect you.

Pure femininity brings out your masculinity, and pure masculinity brings out femininity from women. The contrasts have been taken away in the Western world. It’s like taking two magnets and removing their polarized charges. They fall flat instead of attracting each other. You are a magnet and you have an energy field. Once you awaken your masculine polarity, you start naturally connecting with other magnets. Dating is meant to be the simplest and most natural things in the world. Once you awaken your masculine self and see the world from a higher truth, it completely changes the dynamics of relationships. Everything becomes simple and the problems disappear. Verbal communication can only improve the symptoms of the problems. To really solve dating problems and make dating effortless, you must change your emotional communication. This requires a deep understanding of how your emotional and energetic systems work.

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