There’s a very good Tai Chi master I met who told me he practiced everyday. He didn’t miss a single day of practice in the last 11 years. Tiger Woods, the world best golf player, has an intense training routine he does every single day. Those who are serious train with consistency, not only now and then.

If you really want to master attracting women into your life, it won’t happen overnight, but you have to do steps every day. The best way to work on your energies is to do 30 minutes of natural grounding every single day.

Q: “Does natural grounding means only watching Palmy videos ?? (sounds too easy to be true…)”

Yes, natural grounding means only watching Palmy videos or other natural grounding resources. Whatever you focus your mind on will have an effect on you. If you listen to drama on TV, it WILL have an impact on your emotional state. If you watch music videos coming from a pure emotional state, it will be contagious and lift you towards that pure emotional state.

I recommend to take 30 minutes per day to work on yourself, ESPECIALLY those days where you don?t feel like it. Do 30 minutes of Natural Grounding, starting TODAY. During the first 15 minutes, you can sink in the energy passively or work on your chakras. For the next 15 minutes, when you are in a higher state of mind, you can do visualizations. Take 3 visualizations
per day, and visualize them for 5 minutes each.

Trust me, I?ve done and seen lots of healing techniques, including Sedona Method, Reiki, Quantum Touch, self-affirmations, Landmark Forum, and various spiritual initiations. Natural Grounding has proven to be the most effective so far, although other methods help to complement.

I explain Natural Grounding and how to work on your state of mind in details in my e-book Sleep with Authentic Chicks.

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