I’ve been talking about free energy for a while. Daniel Pomerleau is making very impressive demonstrations of generating electricity from nothing with electric circuits that make no sense. However, nobody is able to understand or reproduce what he does. Several technologies from Tesla have been coming out on the internet lately. He’s not generating energy from nothing. Tesla is known for generating electricity from unconventional sources, such as solar ions in the atmosphere. I came to realize there are many different approaches to generating free energy. Some are more spiritual and energetic, some are more technological. Thinking about it, solar panels and wind turbines ARE free energy. They just aren’t very efficient and require important investment.

Yesterday I went to the launch of a free energy technology by Hydro-G?nial near Montreal. It is the first of a series of technologies that they will reveal to the public. It’s about time these free energy technologies come out to the public!

This first technology is an oven that does 100% combustion of wood through a process called pyrolysis. By warming the wood to a sufficiently high temperature, it liquefies the wood and burns the gas. This provides an extremely efficient source of heat that lasts for a long time and that generates no pollution whatsoever. Here are some uses for it:
– Efficient oven for camping or outdoor activities
– Energy generator by adding a turbine to it
– You can use a similar oven to liquefy any oil-based material such as tires or plastic and generate fuel from the gas

There were a million cars, trucks and buses using pyrolysis during the Second World War because they were afraid of penury of fuel. Once the war was over, they made sure that people would forget about this technology. Who ever heard about pyrolysis? This is nothing new, but it hasn’t seen the public light until now.

You can get more information about pyrolysis ovens here (in French)

Here are the plans to build it yourself for about $30

Here’s a video showing how to build it yourself

You can read more about Pyrolysis here.

It’s about time these technologies come out. This is only one of a series of inventions they will be releasing.

If you want to know about the release of other technologies or attend to their events, visit Hydro-Genial’s website. Their event was 40 minutes outside of Montreal.

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