I want to give you some updates about where I am with the business. You’re the one I’m working with, so I thought you might have some ideas and suggestions for me. Here’s the thing. What I provide here is extremely high value, and as some customers say, “good things should be paid”. On the other hand, half of the subscribers are saying they are broke and struggling with basic expenses. I often receive messages along these lines:

“Hey Etienne, I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great service for the world. Even though you already know it, I still wanted to tell you :). You are helping people raise their consciousness and I hope one day I can afford your 1 on 1 counseling. Thank you for everything.” -David

There is a big disconnection between the value offered and the ability to have a fair exchange, for half the subscribers. One option would be to lower the prices, but that would lower the perceived value and it wouldn’t be a balanced exchange of energy. Most people need to give in something in order to take it seriously and get results back. Another aspect is that the expenses for running this business are a few thousand dollars at a time and the bills pile up quickly. Giving everything for free or cheap (as some expect) simply isn’t a sustainable model.

I spoke with several marketing specialists and they suggest to redirect my market to work with people who have money; and to build a non-profit organization if I want to help those who don’t, but they say I have to take care of myself first. All the specialists I spoke with also suggested to not offer a $27/month plan for a product less than $200 (Sexual Magnetism), although most people bought Sexual Magnetism using the payment plan. I’m looking to hire an experienced marketing specialist once I figure out where to get the funds so that I can focus on what I do best: producing content.

As for me, I don’t want to turn down people who are motivated to change their lives for the better, especially in a period of intense world-wide shifts. My question to you is this. How can I make the products and coaching more accessible to you while keeping a fair exchange of value and maintaining a sustainable business model? Please write me with your comments and ideas. I will be very grateful for it and I will take your ideas into consideration. Thanks

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