There is very few information on alchemical healing and there aren’t any books on the topic. I learnt about it from a Master Alchemist called Jacques Tombazian. He did write a book on Alchemy, and he doesn’t know any other book on the topic. The book is called Mystical Alchemy: The Path to Enlightenment. The content of this book is extremely powerful, and I thought some of you would benefit from it. Interestingly enough, none of what I learnt directly from him is included in the book. It covers a completely different path of Alchemy. The teal flame meditation is not even mentioned in this book.
Mystical Alchemy: The Path to Enlightenment

A few warnings about the book. This isn’t for everybody.
– The meditations included in the book take over a year to complete. I’m still only half-way through it. This is for those who are serious about long-term results and have commitment.
– For skeptics, it may look like voodoo-ish stuff about angels, archetypes, mantas and that kind of stuff. This isn’t for skeptics and it doesn’t explain how it works. However, the meditations work and are very powerful.
– This isn’t result-oriented spirituality. The sole objective is to increase the strength of your spiritual connection. However you could be nearly enlightened and still remain broke and single if you don’t deal with your real life problems and don’t take proper action.

The book contains meditations to open your clairvoyance. Then it goes into a series of MDE (Mystical Death Experience) while calling archetypes to dissolve blockages in your energy field. It goes through 3 phases of Alchemy: the black phase, the white phase and the red phase. Then, it goes into developing the philosopher’s stone within yourself.

You do not need this high level of energy work and meditation to attract women and to live a great lifestyle. I mostly recommend it to people who want to be leaders and achieve great things in their lives. Living a great lifestyle surrounded with quality people is easy and doesn’t require this. Helping thousands of people to live such a lifestyle is a whole other level and does require this high level of enlightenment.

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Mystical Alchemy: The Path to Enlightenment

I plan to eventually write an ebook about how to use Alchemy and Natural Grounding to do high level energy healing. It will talk about how to apply them to achieve concrete results instead of simply feeling better. Sexual Magnetism is a very precise and “technical” step-by-step description of a system to increase your charisma. I want to write the book on Alchemy with the same style and depth. Until then, Mystical Alchemy: The Path to Enlightenment is the only book that exists on the topic.

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