It has been a year and a half since the original release of Sexual Magnetism. Some people got great results with women since then, some people have grown a lot and some people haven’t been able to integrate it all by themselves. The people I’ve worked with privately went through huge and fast improvements, but private coaching isn’t for everybody. Not everybody can afford it and it’s not a priority for everybody. Products are great to bring intellectual understanding and techniques but working privately will always bring much better results because it is interactive, there is a direct exchange of energy and I can pin-point very quickly the areas that keep you stuck.

So here’s some great news. I’m launching a new monthly program that will provide answers to your questions and issues on a continual basis at a very affordable price. You send me your comments, questions and issues and I elaborate around them in a much more extensive way than I could in an article or forum post. I will also go much more in depth in many topics that I haven’t talked about yet. The first month’s recording already contains a LOT of information and may be a bit overwhelming at first. This first audio will come almost free to try it out. As for the price, it isn’t fixed yet but I’ll make it very affordable so that you can keep getting support month after month without it being a financial burden.

I see so many customers who did great improvements yet need some help to reach to the level of success they desire. The Attraction Monthly Club will help you pass through your own barriers to live the reality of abundance and options with women you desire. More importantly, you’ll develop your natural charisma, live with peace of mind, dissolve your problems and develop your healing abilities.

Note that in the first recording, I mention many concepts described in Sexual Magnetism, Authentic Attraction and the Natural Grounding Guide and don’t spend any time to repeat these concepts. If you haven’t got these products and want me to talk about some of these concepts, ask me and I’ll cover them extensively in a future recording.

More information coming soon!

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