Let’s get straight to the point. The main reason dating is so difficult in the Western world is that femininity has been repressed. Women have adopted masculine traits. They wanted equality but they got sameness. The contrasts of life have been taken away, leaving only gray tones. We end up with masculine women and men who are confused about their place in society.

Yet, telling you this may be like trying to explain to a fish what water is. A fish will never become aware of what water is until it gets out of it. And once it does, it will change his view of the world forever as it is such a fundamental element of his life. So that’s what we’ll do: bring your head out into a different reality to see the difference. Although travelling is the best way to do so, a faster and cheaper way would be to use music videos.

Madonna has been a very important role model in America. She has inspired and influenced the behaviors of an entire generation. Although everybody knows this song, I want you to pay close attention to what behaviors she really brought. Watch this video and try to describe her behaviors and energy with 3 specific words. Avoid general words like ?fun’ or ?sexy’.

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I would describe her with these 3 words: bold, aloof and teasing. Bold and aloof are definitely masculine traits, while teasing is a sense of disconnectedness with others. Boldness and aloofness break the natural polarity and attraction between the masculine and the feminine. Teasing makes people fantasize about relationships instead of living it as a reality. Does this sound too familiar to your daily life?

I also want you to notice something. Madonna isn’t so disbalanced herself in comparison to the girls who clone her behaviors. Look at the video again at 1:25. You see a young girl who is so aloof and disconnected that her friends leave without her. Look at 3:30. That woman has more balls than all these guys combined. This may be just a video, but you know how close it is to the reality in America which has influenced most of the Western world.

Now let’s travel to the other side of the world, in Thailand. Watch this video and notice the similarities between these girls and Madonna clones. They show similar boldness, aloofness, and they dress in similar ways with sexy clothes and a lot of make-up. The only difference I can see is that the women in this video have slightly more feminine behaviors than the 2 clone girls in Madonna’s video.

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Here’s the thing. These are not women! Drag queens in Thailand are easy to spot because they are the only women to dress exaggeratedly sexy. It makes me laugh when I see American tourists trying to seduce them? these are so similar to the American women they are used to, how could they know! I came to the conclusion that women dress exaggeratedly sexy to compensate either for a lack of self-esteem or for a lack of being a woman. Think about that one. It might change what you value and look for.

Now let’s travel to Korea. Watch this video and try to describe the women’s behaviors with 3 specific words.

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The behaviors in this video are a whole other world and it feels much lighter. I would describe it as joyful, carefree and loving. It makes you feel comfortable being around them. It makes you feel worthy. It empowers you. This is the pure essence of feminine energy. Notice how happy and joyful they are. How can someone ever be so happy? Now I want you to think about something. Have you EVER seen this energy or this behavior in the Western world? Have you EVER seen anything similar on TV or in magazines? Probably not. The closest concept you may find is house-wives which quite frankly has nothing to do with this. Masculinity and femininity are two fundamental elements of life and femininity has literally been suppressed from the Western world… until now.

On October 19th 2011, the girls in the last video released a new album, except that this time they are doing an international release. This is the first music group portraying pure femininity to ever go international, to ever produce videos in English and to ever appear in American mainstream media. In 4 days, they got 10 million views on YouTube for the official Korean video alone. In this video, they don’t show their femininity with so much purity and carefreeness but this creates a great bridge between Madonna-style videos and Girly-style videos.

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In the next part of this article, we will explore how to communicate emotionally with women in a way that draws this femininity and behaviors out of them.

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