If I haven’t given much updates lately, it’s because I’ve been very busy working on the new website Spiritual Self Transformation and getting my credit card merchant account up and running. I also started working on a new video training program to directly tap into the self-transformation methodology. For now, I wanted to share a breakthrough with you.

Rion Williams talked a lot about being equal to all beauty and social powers in order to attract women as being your equal. At first I thought it was a psychological thing and that you had to change your mindset. Then I thought it was a holistic thing and that your energy had to be at least as strong as theirs. I was wrong all along.

We are all emotionally connected through a universal field. If you understand the dynamics of that psychic field, there is an energetic hierarchy of power and influence throughout society. It’s not in your mind and it’s not in your energy. It’s in the way your energy relates with the world. Even if your energy field is very strong and awakened, by default you are stuck in these social dynamics in the way you relate with others. It’s like being in a forest: you have to deal with all the trees and obstacles along the way.

So what’s the solution? You have to rise above these dynamics. If you rise above the forest, you are free. You have to raise your consciousness above the hierarchy of social power and influence in the psychic field. This will make you more Zen and more spiritual, but it will still not make you their equal. Then, you have to follow the hierarchy of power and influence up to its root and connect to its source. The source of that social power usually comes down to producers, media and sexploitation as Rion often talked about. When your energy is one with the source of the social power, you are energetically at least equal to everything down that hierarchy of power when you walk into the world.

Again, this is neither about your mind nor about your energy. Being equal to social powers comes down to how your energy relates into the world. If I got this one wrong, I’m sure many of you also got this one wrong. Not anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers!

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